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Coonabarabran - Baradine - Warrumbungle drive

Country NSW

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  • Coonabarabran car touring route, Warrumbungle National Park. Photo: OEH

    Coonabarabran - Warrumbungle - Tooraweenah drive

    Coonabarabran – Warrumbungle – Tooraweenah drive offers car touring through scenic mountain views with picnicking, walking, and wheelchair accessible facilities in Warrumbungle National Park.


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'Deep Space' - the night sky over Warrumbungle National Park, filled with stars and constellations. Photo: B Heaton © the photographer


Explore the Dark Sky

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View past flowering shrubs to volcanic ridges and peaks in Warrumbungle National Park. Photo: Leah Pippos © DPIE


Febar Tor

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Panorama of rugged mountain peaks and domes in Warrumbungle National Park. Photo: May Fleming © May Fleming


Macha Tor

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Google Street View Trekker

Using Google Street View Trekker, we've captured imagery across a range of NSW national parks and attractions. Get a bird's eye view of these incredible landscapes before setting off on your own adventure.

Google Trekker at Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Photo: J Spencer/OEH.
Coonabarabran - Baradine - Warrumbungle drive

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