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Threatened Species – a framework for zero extinctions

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is the first national parks agency in Australia to commit to a zero extinctions target, and one of the first globally.

More than a million species worldwide are threatened with extinction. Our protected areas provide vital refuge from the impacts of feral animals, altered fire regimes, climate change and other threats.

We have a plan to ensure our parks are a permanent stronghold for the conservation and recovery of our threatened species.

An eastern quoll. Photo credit: Deborah Talan ©
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) in a tree. Photo: Courtesy of Taronga Zoo/OEH

Saving our Species conservation program

Today, we’re at risk of losing nearly 1000 of our state’s native animals and plants. That’s why the NSW Government established Saving our Species. It's the main threatened species conservation program in the state, and the biggest conservation commitment ever made in NSW.