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Native plant and animal licensing

Most activities involving native animals or plants need a licence in NSW. You need a licence to keep native animals as pets or trade them. You also need a licence to pick or trade some native plants.

Native wildlife licensing

In NSW you need a licence if you want to keep, trade or control animals. You also need a licence to import or export almost all protected animals in or out of NSW. Read about the different types of licence.

You also need a licence for native animal rehabilitation, and to trade native animal specimens, skins, feathers, eggs and skeletons:

Licences may also be granted to:

Threatened species impact licences

In NSW you need a licence to study, harm or pick a threatened native plant or animal or damage its habitat.

Protected native plant licences

Licensing helps regulate the cut-flower and whole-plant industries to sustainably harvest and cultivate protected native plants for sale.

Scientific licences

In NSW you may need a scientific licence for research, education or conservation. These licences safeguard protected native plant and animal populations and ensure people work with them responsibly.