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Exploring History

Our heritage consists of the places, objects and knowledge we have inherited from past generations and want to use, learn from and pass on to future generations. NSW has a diverse range of heritage sites including buildings, collections, gardens, military fortifications, landscapes, shipwrecks and more. NPWS is dedicated to conserving and rehabilitating these sites while maintaining their heritage values. You’re encouraged to visit NSW’s heritage sites, including Hill End Historic Site, Yerranderie Private Town and Hartley Historic Site, and Fort Denison.

Main road of Hill End Historic Site. Photo: John Spencer
Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour National Park. Photo: Kevin McGrath

Amazing heritage experiences

From exploring the gold rush days at Hill End Historic Site to learning about the convicts who constructed Old Great North Road, there are many amazing heritage experiences which await you in NSW national parks.

Bradleys Head mast, Sydney Harbour National Park. Photo: David Finnegan

Conserving historic heritage

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is dedicated to the conservation of the state’s heritage sites located within national parks. NPWS works in partnership with other government agencies and communities to identify, protect and promote the heritage of NSW.