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Pets and animals in national parks

Did you know that dogs and other pets are not permitted in NSW national parks and reserves? But you can enjoy nature with your dog at some NSW regional parks, and all NSW State forests. Learn more about where you can and can’t take your dog. Find out the important reasons why pets aren’t allowed in most parks, and how you can help protect our native animals and plants.

A family walks a leashed dog on a beach. Photo: John Spencer © DPIE

Know before you go

A couple walk two dogs near at riverside Willoughby's Beach campground, Murray Valley Regional Park. Photo: Gavin Hansford © DPIE

Read our Pets in Parks policy

The NSW National Parks Pets in Parks policy provides more information about restrictions, responsible dog walking, assistance animals, driving through parks with pets in your car, and use of domestic animals for park management.

A man walks a leashed dog along a beach. Photo: John Spencer © DPIE

Planning to take a pup to a park blog

Read our blog for some pretty good reasons why you can’t bring dogs into NSW national parks. Spoiler alert: most of them have nothing to do with whether your pup is a very good boy.