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Business opportunities in our parks

NPWS has business opportunities in NSW national parks and reserves for private businesses. Find out more about expressions of interest.

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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is committed to providing recreational attractions, facilities and tours in its parks and reserves for the enjoyment and education of its many visitors. These are often operated by NPWS, but in some circumstances can be managed more effectively, efficiently or flexibly by private operators. In these instances, opportunities are advertised on the NSW Government tenders website, where interested operators can register an expression of interest.

Individuals and companies can also approach Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) directly to seek permission to operate if they feel they have a business initiative that would be valuable to the park. For more information read the Parks Eco Pass on the OEH website.

NPWS also issues commercial film and photography licences in national parks and reserves.

NPWS currently offers various arrangements, generally in the form of leases and licences, that allow private businesses to operate visitor services within parks. To find out more read our property and leasing guidelines.

To find out more about what commercial opportunities exist in NSW national parks, please visit the OEH website.

Kinchega National Park. Photo: John Spencer