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Business activities in NSW national parks

Our NSW national parks and reserves host more than 800 businesses, as well as events, film shoots, corporate volunteering, and other activities. If you'd like to run a business or activity in a NSW national park, here's some information about what to do next.

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Hold an event or hire a venue

NSW national parks host more than 2000 events every year, from weddings to sporting events. If you’d like to hold a sporting, cultural or corporate event, a wedding, or any type of event for more than 40 people in a NSW national park, you need a permit. Learn more about organising your event in our parks.

Guided tours, visitor services, and other activities

If you would like to offer guided tours or other visitor services, like a mobile food van or equipment hire, you’ll need a licence issued under the Parks Eco Pass program. These licences set out your responsibilities and ours, to make sure we protect the park and give visitors a wonderful experience. Visit the Parks Eco Pass webpage to find more information and apply, If you’d like to discuss your idea for a tour or activity, contact

Filming and photography

 If you’re a professional filmmaker or photographer, you’re welcome to shoot in a NSW national park but you need approval. The application process and fees depend on the size and purpose of the project. Find out more and apply for a permit.

Operate a business in a park building

Buildings in our NSW national parks can be leased or licensed for activities that improve the experience for park visitors. The following NSW National Park buildings are available for lease. They are also advertised on or on NSW eTendering. Read more about property leasing and licensing.

Corporate volunteering 

If your company would like to participate in bush care, we offer programs at Middle Head in Sydney Harbour National Park, La Perouse area in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, and in Lane Cove National Park. Read more or discuss options by contacting 

Access licences through parks

If your house or business can only be accessed through a national park or reserve then we will give you an access licence or easement. To enquire, email

Other proposals or questions

If you have an idea or question that is not covered here, please email