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What we do

We manage more than 890 protected areas in NSW, covering over 7.5 million hectares of land. This represents more than 9.5 per cent of the land area in the state. This includes national parks, nature reserves, flora reserves, World Heritage areas, rainforests, beaches, alpine areas and sites of great cultural and historic significance. Management of these areas involves a wide range of responsibilities, including plant and animal conservation, fire management, sustainable tourism and visitation, research, education, volunteering programs and more.

Field Officers, Lower North Coast EBP Team, Tomaree National Park. Photo: John Spencer
Fire Management Planning at NPWS Nelson Bay office. Photo: John Spencer

Managing NSW national parks

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) produces plans of management which outline the values of NSW national parks – including biodiversity and Aboriginal culture - and how they’ll be managed. These plans of management are used in conjunction with fire management strategies to protect conservation areas.

Southern corroboree frog (Pseudophryne corroboree), Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: John Spencer

Conservation and research

Australia is home to more than 1 million species of Australian animals and Australian native plants, with more than 1,000 of these listed as being at threat of extinction. NPWS works to collect data to identify the distribution of threatened species and focus conservation efforts in areas of need.

Fire training, Lower North Coast Region. Photo: John Spencer

Managing fire in parks and reserves

NSW National Parks (NPWS) adopts a strategic approach to managing fires in parks and reserves including research, planning, hazard reduction, rapid response firefighting crews and community alerts.

Primary students with an NPWS guide on a bridge, looking at the view and the water below, Glenrock State Conservation Area. Photo: Adam Hollingworth © DPE

Education programs

NPWS education programs give students the opportunity to explore NSW national parks and learn about nature, conservation, Aboriginal culture and historic heritage. These syllabus-linked environmental programs are available for primary, secondary and tertiary students. Programs can be delivered at your school through online resources or via school excursions in NSW national parks.

Bike riding in Murray Valley National Park. Photo: David Finnegan

Sustainable tourism and visitation

Our national parks are important places for conservation and the community. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is committed to providing park experiences that support local communities, and conserve our cultural and natural heritage. Many of our tour providers are ECO-certified by Ecotourism Australia and can be found on the Green Travel Guide. Look for the NSW National Parks logo on this website.

A couple rest on a picnic bench with an ocean view on Monument track. Credit: David Finnegan © David Finnegan/DPIE

New and upgraded infrastructure

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is creating new nature-based experiences for you to enjoy. We're also upgrading tracks, facilities and infrastructure in many of our most popular parks. This is the largest investment in visitor infrastructure in NPWS history.