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Managing NSW national parks

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) produces plans of management which outline the values of NSW national parks – including biodiversity and Aboriginal culture - and how they’ll be managed. These plans of management are used in conjunction with fire management strategies to protect conservation areas.

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NSW National Parks produces plans of management explaining how reserves across the state will be managed, including information on natural environments, Aboriginal culture, historic sites, geographical landforms, biodiversity, weeds and pests, recreational opportunities and more. These documents are initially created in draft format and, after public consultation, are adopted for implementation.

NPWS fire management strategies are designed to help:

  • Safeguard human life and property
  • Promote the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Protect Aboriginal sites and historic assets

The plans of management for each reserve vary to reflect the values of the individual park.  For example, some parks may have more of a focus on Aboriginal culture, while others may focus on biodiversity. All parks have a fire management strategy as part of managing the reserve.