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Assets of Intergenerational Significance (AIS)

Assets of Intergenerational Significance are declared to bolster protections for an area of exceptional natural or cultural value.

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The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 was amended to allow the Minister for Energy and Environment to declare an area to be an Asset of Intergenerational Significance (AIS). An AIS can be any area of exceptional value – natural or cultural – that warrants special protection, including dedicated management measures.

Check out this map of NSW Assets of Intergenerational Significance:

NSW Assets of Intergenerational Significance interactive map


What does this mean for threatened species?

Practically, it means that the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will have increased ability to prioritise management at these sites and identify emerging threats early so interventions can take place rapidly.

We’ll prepare dedicated Conservation Action Plans (CAPs) for each AIS. Please go to our Assets of Intergenerational Significance Conservation Action Plans web page to check CAPs currently on exhibition and provide feedback.

Assets of Intergenerational Significance will play a critical role in meeting our zero extinctions target. There are more than 200 sites declared, protecting over 90 declared threatened species including:

The first tranche of Assets of Intergenerational Significance are intended to protect the most important habitat for threatened species. Subsequent themes for AIS declarations may include nationally significant wetlands or important cultural heritage.

Why do we need Assets of Intergenerational Significance now?

The 2019-20 summer bushfires highlighted the need to improve ways to identify and protect environmental and cultural assets, well in advance of bushfire or other emergency events. Proactive intervention saved the Wollemi pine during the 2019-20 bushfires.

While all our national parks are valuable and deserve protection, it’s clear there are a number of irreplaceable natural and cultural values in them that we must work even harder to protect.

Visit the Assets of Intergenerational Significance project web page to find out more.