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One of the most renowned Australian animals, the tree-dwelling marsupial koala can be found in gum tree forests and woodlands across eastern NSW, Victoria and Queensland, as well as in isolated regions in South Australia. With a vice-like grip, this perhaps most iconic but endangered Australian animal lives in tall eucalypts within a home range of several hectares.

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This stocky marsupial has distinctive furry ears, a large flat black nose and no tail. The koala has opposable digits on both its front and hind feet and sharp claws which give it a vice-like grip - ideal for climbing gum trees.

Generally solitary, you’re most likely to see one of these endangered Australian animals sleeping high in the branches during the day. In the breeding season in late spring, you might hear the male koala bellow, grunt and belch as he establishes his dominance over a home territory that can span several hectares.

Animal facts

Common name
Scientific name
Phascolarctos cinereus
Conservation status in NSW

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