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Care for parks

NSW national parks offer a variety of historic, cultural and leisure activities for you to enjoy. Find out about how you can care for our parks during your visit.

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Dog walking in parks

Dogs and other domestic pets are not permitted in NSW national parks. Our national parks are refuges for native Australian animals, and the sight, sound and smell of dogs and other domestic pets are a threat to them. If you're keen for your pets to join in the fun, there are some regional parks that welcome dogs.

Drones in parks

You need approval to operate a drone in a national park or any reserve managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). Find out more about the Drones in Parks policy and how to apply for approval to fly a drone

Injured wildlife

If you find an injured animal while bushwalking or bird watching in our parks, it's important to contact the right people who can help injured wildlife.

Cultural and historic sites

When visiting NSW national parks, please remember Aboriginal cultural sites and places of historic heritage can be very fragile due to constant weathering and natural erosion. It's important to pass through these precious sites with care. Learn more about caring for cultural and historic sites.

Illegal activities

Illegal activities are not tolerated in NSW national parks. If you see anyone doing anything suspicious when you're visiting a park or reserve, it's important to let the right person know.

Thoughtful walking

Be friendly, responsible walkers while bushwalking in NSW national parks, and enjoy the delights of gentle or challenging exercise, and gulps of fresh air in the company of nature. Learn more about walking in our parks.

Cycling and mountain biking

Cycling areas are clearly signposted in NSW national parks, and so we hope you observe and promote responsible bike riding. Learn more about cycling and mountain biking in parks.

Adventure sports

When you're caving, climbing, canyoning or abseiling in NSW national parks, it's important to consider protecting the environment. Help minimise your impact on the landscape with our guidelines. Read about adventure sports considerations.

Considerate camping

Enjoy your camping experience, whether pitched by the coast, up on the mountains, or in our great outback, but please remember to be considerate of both park visitors and the environment. Learn about taking care while camping.


Generators are permitted, and acceptable to use, in many parks, but restrictions may apply when camping in certain areas of NSW national parks. Find out when camping generators are allowed.

Vehicle use

When driving or car touring through NSW national parks or reserves, please remember some simple vehicle use tips to reduce environmental damage or disturbances to wildlife.

Weeds and pest animals

Help reduce the impact of pest animals and weeds in NSW national parks so you can keep enjoying these breathtaking landscapes.

Care for your own backyard

Backyard Buddies provides educational information on how you can support the conservation of Australian native species in your own backyard.