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Thoughtful walking

We all like to be friendly, responsible walkers and walking in NSW national parks brings the delights of gentle or challenging exercise, gulps of fresh air, and enjoyment of the sights and sounds of nature.

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Help care for NSW national parks by staying on the tracks, avoiding the edges, and not cutting corners, which may increase erosion. Please stay on rocks or hard ground wherever possible as swamp or bog plants, mosses, and other sensitive vegetation are easily destroyed by trampling.

The best idea is to wear running shoes or lightweight walking boots to aid your comfort and leave softer, gentler footprints behind. Please carry all rubbish with you, even discarded organic litter. And remember, walk as quietly as possible so you don't scare away the wildlife – you may be lucky enough to see some of these precious creatures up close.

Check out the bushwalkers' FAQ , on the NSW Confederation of Bushwalkers website.

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