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Adventure sports

When you're caving, climbing, canyoning or abseiling, it's important to protect the environment to minimise the impact on our precious landscapes. Help minimise your impact, and encourage others to do so, by practising the following:

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  • Keep your group to a small and manageable size (4-8 people).
  • For the enjoyment of all, please give way to faster groups.
  • Don't place bolts, or alter rock surfaces in any way, and avoid leaving unnecessary slings and remove old slings.
  • Keep to creek channels to avoid sensitive creek banks and soft vegetation
  • Avoid establishing new abseiling routes or footpads - keep to existing paths, or spread out in trackless terrain.
  • Walk carefully in rocky pagoda areas - flaky rocks and thin ledges can break easily.
  • Don't mark tracks (signs, cairns, broken branches). Each group should have at least 1 competent navigator.
  • Be mindful not to publicise 'new' canyons or routes, particularly those in wilderness areas, to preserve opportunities for discovery and to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Use fuel stoves - fire scars are unsightly, attract rubbish and encourage vegetation damage.
  • Avoid camping in canyon environments and dispose of human waste away from canyons
  • Bins aren't available in most adventure sports locations, so you'll need to take all rubbish with you when you leave.

While being mindful of the environment within NSW national parks, please remember to also take care of yourself and stay safe when doing adventure sports.