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Many visitors value our parks as havens of peace and quiet, away from urban noise, and where only natural sounds are heard. To make a visit to a park as enjoyable as possible for all visitors, it’s important to know where in a park it’s acceptable to operate generators.

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When generator use is permitted

Generators are permitted, with restrictions, in some designated NPWS campgrounds. Campers are responsible for checking generator restrictions at a campground.

From time to time, the use of generators may be prohibited for a specific period in a campground where it was previously permitted, for environmental reasons (eg bird roosting) or safety reasons (eg local fire bans). Be sure to check with the local NPWS office first.


Where generator use is permitted, please know that:

  • Only 1 generator may be used per group
  • The generator should be located closer to the user’s camp than to any neighbouring camps and you should take measures to minimise the noise and impact on neighbouring campers
  • Some parks have noise curfews in campgrounds, which will apply to generator use. When you arrive in the park, please check local signage or speak to the NPWS office to find out more about noise restrictions.


A person who requires a generator to operate a disability aid for medical purposes is not limited to staying at designated campgrounds, but needs to apply for consent to operate a generator in any other areas. Disability aid means equipment (other than a palliative or therapeutic device) that provides assistance to a person with a disability to alleviate the effect of the disability. This includes a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and a refrigerator in which medications to treat a disability are stored.