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Many visitors value our parks as havens of peace and quiet, away from urban noise, and where only natural sounds are heard. It’s important to know where in a park it’s acceptable to operate generators.

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Generators are permitted, with restrictions, in some designated NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) campgrounds. Campers are responsible for checking generator restrictions at a campground.

From time to time, the use of generators may be prohibited for a specific period in a campground where it was previously permitted, for environmental reasons (for example bird roosting) or safety reasons (for example local fire bans). Be sure to check with the local NPWS office first.

For more detailed information on generator use in national parks, please see the NPWS Generator Use Policy.


Where generator use is permitted, please know that:

  • Only 1 generator may be used per group
  • The generator should be located closer to the user’s camp than to any neighbouring camps and you should take measures to minimise the noise and impact on neighbouring campers
  • Some parks have noise curfews in campgrounds, which will apply to generator use. When you arrive in the park, please check local signage or speak to the NPWS office to find out more about noise restrictions.

Generator use for medical purposes or disability aid

NPWS aims to ensure parks are accessible to all, including people with disabilities or other conditions that may impact their ability to access and enjoy parks. If you need to bring and use a generator in a national park to operate a disability aid or for other medical purposes, you may do so.

Before entering the park or booking accommodation you should contact the NPWS local office to advise that you are planning to bring and use a generator for disability or medical purposes, and provide information demonstrating your need for such equipment (such as a medical certificate).

This will help NPWS to make any arrangements or provide any advice needed to ensure your visit to the park is safe and enjoyable. After reviewing your information NPWS will confirm that you may bring and use a generator for these purposes.

If NPWS is not satisfied that the proposed generator use is for disability or medical purposes it may request further information or you may be advised that the generator cannot be used in the park.