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Drones in parks

You need approval to launch, land or operate a drone in a national park or other reserve managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). The Drones in parks policy provides detailed information on using drones and how to apply for approval.

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Commercial use of drones in national parks requires approval and is subject to the NPWS Filming and photography policy.

Before you fly a drone in a park

When flying a drone in a park

  • Only fly in the park, or part of the park, that you have approval for.
  • Carry a paper or electronic copy of your approval with you.
  • Stop immediately if emergency or bushfire operations are occurring.
  • Stay at least 100m away from whales and other marine mammals

Fly according to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) drone safety rules, which include:

  • keep at least 30m away from people and not flying directly above people
  • keep your drone within eyesight
  • not flying higher than 120m above the ground and staying 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes
  • not operating your drone in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person, wildlife, or property.

Read more detail about the Drones in parks policy which provides information on using drones, drone exclusion zones, and how to apply for approval.