Floods and closures warning
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Alerts for NSW National Parks

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Floods and closures warning

Flooding impacts have resulted in widespread closures of NSW national parks, campgrounds and some roads. Please check NPWS Alerts and Live Traffic NSW for up-to-date information before visiting a national park. It is never safe to drive, ride or walk through flood waters. COVID-safe measures also still apply.

  1. Check and observe park closures in the Alerts list below. Check Live Traffic NSW websites frequently before travelling. Do not enter closed areas. 
  2. Do not cross floodwaters. Conditions are currently treacherous. Do not cross flooded creeks and flood waters as the recent rains have likely altered conditions of causeways. 
  3. Impassable access roads. Some park roads as well as access roads may not be passable and may close at short notice. Check websites or call ahead in remote areas. Access to some parks has changed due to road closures.
  4. Be mindful of trees. Soggy ground and sustained rains increase the risk of tree falls. Do not shelter or camp under trees. 
  5. Notify someone. Consider using the NPWS trip intention form to notify someone about your trip. The form also has helpful hints for remote area travel planning. 
  6. Help may not be able to reach you. Assistance may not be able to reach you or you may experience extensive delays should you get stuck, particularly in remote areas. Rescue resources are stretched at this time and may not be able to prioritise your call for help. 

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These maps give a basic overview of park attractions and facilities, and may not be detailed enough for some activities. We recommend that you buy a topographic map before you go exploring.