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Vehicle use in parks

When visiting NSW national parks or reserves in your car, please remember some simple tips to minimise environmental damage or disturbances to wildlife:

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  • Keep your vehicles in good mechanical order to maximise safety and minimise risk of oil leaks and fuel spills
  • Check that your tyres and undercarriage are free from weeds or other environmental contaminants
  • Keep the number of vehicles in a touring group at a level which maximises quality experience, and minimises social impacts on other visitors.
  • Ensure that you stay on designated roads and vehicle tracks. Don't drive on walking tracks.
  • Drive in the middle of tracks to keep track widening and damage to soft edges as little as possible
  • Drive at speeds appropriate to the conditions, keep a lookout for wildlife and other visitors, and minimise noise and track damage.
  • Avoid dazzling wildlife with high beam, spotlights or powerful driving lights.
  • Try wherever possible not to drive on vegetation, particularly in grassy and soft areas.
  • Keep horn use, light use, revving, excessive idling, loss of traction, and winching using trees to a minimum.
  • Ford creeks only at designated crossings and approach the bank at 90 degrees to avoid damage to stream banks.

More information is available in the green guide to four wheel driving on the leave no trace Australia website.