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Ecological health performance scorecards

This world-leading ecological program will track 8 NSW national park sites with ecological health performance scorecards.

A national park health check

NSW national parks are extraordinary places, making up almost 10% of New South Wales across a diversity of ecosystems. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is not only responsible for protecting biodiversity in parks and reserves but also halting and reversing its loss. To be able to do this, we need to know as much as we can about the health of our parks and the diverse ecosystems and species living there.

We're rolling out a groundbreaking initiative called the ecological health performance scorecards program (scorecards). This program provides the highest quality information on the state of our national parks and how their health is tracking over time – whether it is improving, stable, or declining.

Helping future park health

The scorecards program will examine the elements that help reveal the health of our parks, including:

  • native plants and animals
  • threats to ecological health, such as feral animals and weeds
  • important ecological processes.

Combined with financial and park management information, scorecards will paint a picture of the ecological status of our parks. Importantly, they will help us make evidence-based and cost-effective decisions about park management.

Want to know more?

Read more about the scorecards program on the Environment and Heritage website.