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Australian fur seal

The largest fur seal, Australian fur seals are found in isolated rocky outcrops and islands along the NSW coast. They come ashore to form breeding colonies and can often be seen at Barunguba Montague Island Nature Reserve.

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With large brown eyes, a robust body, thick brown coat, and a head like a dog – with a bark to match –  the Australian fur seal is the largest fur seal, often growing to more than 2m in length.

Australian fur seals come ashore each year to moult, breed and rear their young – first the male, then the female, who gives birth to one or possibly two pups. These Australian animals can be found at isolated rocky outcrops along the NSW coastline with ‘haul outs’, places seals come ashore, located at Barunguba Montague Island Nature Reserve.

With the ability to dive to depths of 200m, Australian fur seals are agile swimmers who spend most of their time at sea, fishing for octopus, lobsters and small fish.

Animal facts

Common name
Australian fur seal
Scientific name
Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus
Conservation status in NSW

Parks in which this animal is found