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Guided 3-day Light to Light walks

Green Cape area in Beowa National Park

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  • A short beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) foraging amongst native grasses. Photo credit: WildCount © DPIE

    Bournda workshops to awaken your wild side

    Activate your wild self and boost your sense of well-being on these delightful workshops with Wild Cherry Nature Connection, inspired by the natural beauty of Bournda National Park, near Tathra.


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Bournda Lagoon, Bournda National Park. Photo: BECC/NSW Government


Bournda Lagoon

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Jewfish walk, Nadgee Nature Reserve. Photo: John Spencer © OEH


Jewfish walk

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Severs Beach, Beowa National Park. Photo: John Yurasek


Severs Beach

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Guided 3-day Light to Light walks

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