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Couranga walking track

Royal National Park

Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Fri 6 Sep 2019, 10.25am to Sun 27 Oct 2019, 11.59pm. Last reviewed: Wed 9 Oct 2019, 5.10pm

Safety alerts: Weed control work underway

Weed control work will be underway in isolated areas of this park between Monday 9 September and Friday 27 September 2019. An authorised herbicide may be used and signs will be in place where work is underway.

For further information please call Ranger David Croft on 02 9542 0669.

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Applies from Thu 12 Sep 2019, 2.57pm. Last reviewed: Thu 26 Sep 2019, 4.39pm

Fire bans: Park fire ban

A park fire ban is in place in this park and remains in effect unless otherwise extended or removed. During park fire ban periods, all campfire and solid fuel (wood, heat beads, charcoal, briquettes, hexamine) barbecues and stoves are prohibited. Gas and electric barbecues and cookers are permitted as long as:

  • They're under direct control of an adult
  • The ground within 2m of the barbecue is cleared of all flammable materials
  • There's an adequate supply of water (minimum of a bucket)

If a Total Fire Ban is in place, please contact the local park office before using a gas and or electric barbecue or cooker.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information about fire bans in parks and reserves including your responsibilities, visit the NSW National Parks fire safety page.

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Applies from Fri 20 Sep 2019, 1.50pm. Last reviewed: Fri 20 Sep 2019, 1.57pm

Other planned events: Senegal tea aquatic weed spraying

NPWS will be treating an aquatic weed called senegal tea at sites along the Hacking River on Monday 23 September and Tuesday 24 September 2019. We will be using a herbicide called metsulfuron-methyl and glyphosate. Signs will be displayed at each site during times of application.

For further information about the program, please contact the Royal National Park area office on 02 9542 0632 or email

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Applies from Fri 14 Jun 2019, 1.08pm to Wed 30 Oct 2019, 10.00am. Last reviewed: Wed 17 Jul 2019, 10.48am

Other planned events: Construction work at Wattamolla

A new amenities building is being built at Wattamolla, starting from Tuesday 11 June 2019 and continuing through winter. Temporary amenities will be available during this construction period. Picnic areas and the surrounding area will remain open. Please take care around the construction area. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The new amenities will be open before summer starts. These works are part of the Wattamolla Master Plan, which addresses the challenges of managing visitation and protecting the natural and cultural values of this area.

For more information, please email the NPWS Royal National Park Visitor Centre or call 02 9542 0648.

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Applies from Fri 4 Jan 2019, 12.53pm. Last reviewed: Wed 16 Jan 2019, 3.30pm

Other planned events: Figure Eight Pools - check the wave risk forecast before visiting

If you’re thinking about visiting Figure Eight Pools, stay safe and check our webpage before you go. Our new wave risk forecast tool will show you the best day and time to visit and can predict ocean conditions 4 days in advance. For more information please call the Royal National Park Visitor Centre on 02 9542 0648.

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Applies from Fri 26 Sep 2014, 8.25am. Last reviewed: Tue 8 Nov 2016, 9.30am

Closed areas: No public access to areas located within the Sydney Catchment Area

Some areas of this park are closed as they are located within a Water Catchment Special Area.  These areas are closed to the public except with the consent of the Sydney Catchment Authority. Closed areas include the South Eastern section of the park, between the Southern Freeway and the Princes Highway. Penalties apply for non-compliance For more information, please contact NPWS Illawarra Area Office on (02) 4223 3000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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Applies from Fri 26 Sep 2014, 8.12am. Last reviewed: Tue 8 Nov 2016, 9.30am

Closed areas: No public access permitted. Reserve located entirely within Sydney Catchment Area

This park is entirely located within the Sydney Catchment Authority Special Area Zone. There is no public access. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Please contact the NPWS Illawarra area office for further information on (02) 4223 3000.

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Applies from Fri 1 May 2015, 4.12pm. Last reviewed: Thu 14 Jul 2016, 1.00pm

Safety alerts: Audley precinct in wet weather

Access across the Audley Weir may be closed due to river flooding during times of wet weather. During wet weather, NPWS advise park visitors to visit Live Traffic NSW to ascertain the status of the Weir crossing before commencing their travel to the park. During times of closure, access to Bundeena, Maianbar residential areas, Royal National Park Visitor Centre, including the Audley Dance hall and cafe, is via McKell Ave Waterfall.

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Local alerts

For the latest updates on fires, closures and other alerts in this area, see

Park info

  • in Royal National Park in the Sydney and surrounds and South Coast regions
  • Royal National Park is open 7am to 8.30pm but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

  • Park entry fees:

    $12 per vehicle per day. Seasonal ticket booths at Wattamolla and Garie Beach - cash and credit card facilities available. Please bring correct change. There's also coin and card operated pay and display machines to buy day passes.

    Vehicles over 8 seats: $4.40 per adult, $2.20 per child (per day). Students on educational programs: $1.10 per student. Teachers/educational supervisors: free (1 adult per 10 students).

    Buy annual pass
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Emergency services

For all NSW fires visit the Rural Fire Service

For the latest information on wildfires in your area please contact the NSW Rural Fire Service.

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Couranga Track, Royal National Park. Photo: Andy Richards/NSW Government