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Yabbra National Park

Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Wed 10 Oct 2018, 3.00am. Last reviewed: Wed 10 Oct 2018, 4.00pm

Closed areas: Lynches Creek Road closed

Lynches Creek Road is currently closed for bridge replacement work. Alternative access to Border Ranges National Park is via Grady's Creek Road, Simes Road and Forest Road. Simes Road is not considered suitable for caravans or motorhomes.

Tweed Range Scenic Drive and Brindle Loop Road are open to traffic. Please take caution travelling along new roadworks.

This closure may be extended and any extension will be posted as soon as possible. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS Kyogle area office on 02 6632 0000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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Applies from Tue 9 Oct 2018, 4.07pm to Fri 30 Nov 2018, 4.00pm. Last reviewed: Wed 10 Oct 2018, 10.10am

Other planned events: 1080 ground baiting program

A 1080 ground baiting program (baits) for wild dogs will be undertaken from Tuesday 9 October to Friday 30 November 2018. The following parks and reserves affected include:

  • Ballina Nature Reserve
  • Uralba Nature Reserve
  • Nightcap National Park
  • Whian Whian State Conservation Area
  • Bungawalbin National Park
  • Bungawalbin Nature Reserve
  • Bungawalbin State Conservation Area
  • Yarringully Nature Reserve
  • Bungabbee Nature Reserve
  • Muckleewee Mountain Nature Reserve
  • Richmond Range National Park
  • Toonumbar National Park
  • Mallanganee National Park.

A reminder that 1080 is harmful to domestic pets. 1080 baiting signs will be placed at every entrance in or out of the reserves. For further information please call NPWS Richmond River area office on 02 6627 0200 (Alstonville) or 02 6632 0000 (Kyogle).

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Applies from Mon 24 Sep 2018, 8.00am. Last reviewed: Wed 26 Sep 2018, 2.31pm

Other incidents: 1080 baiting program - ongoing ground and aerial baiting

An ongoing 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) wild dog ground and aerial baiting program will be conducted between Tuesday 24 September 2018 and Monday 26 November 2018, weather permitting in this reserve. 

There will be signs at main park entry points and around the baited areas to alert the public about 1080 baiting in these parks. 1080 baits will not be placed in the vicinity of campgrounds, lookouts, walking tracks or picnic areas. However, baits may be placed along existing trails within these reserves during ground baiting, as per the Pesticide Control (1080 Liquid Concentrate and Bait Products) Order.

The program is part of an integrated pest animal control strategy involving Local Land Services and landholders. This includes trapping and shooting, with the aim to minimise the impact of pests on neighbouring stock. The majority of reserves within the Northern Tablelands area will be baited during this time.

Domestic pets are highly susceptible to 1080 poison. Dogs, cats and other pets and domestic animals are not permitted in NSW national parks, reserves and state conservation areas. 1080 is poisonous to humans if swallowed and harmful if absorbed by the skin or inhaled. If poisoning occurs, contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

For more information please contact the NPWS Northern Tablelands area office on 02 6736 0700.

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Applies from Thu 8 Feb 2018, 8.42am. Last reviewed: Thu 8 Mar 2018, 11.28am

Safety alerts: Limited access to Peacock Creek campground

The access roads through Richmond Range State Forest to Richmond Range National Park are currently in very poor condition because of overgrowth and roadway erosion. Therefore, access to Peacock Creek campground from Sextonville Road, Iron Pot Creek Road and Peacock Creek Road is unsuitable for 2WD and 4WD vehicles. Visitors can access Peacock Creek campground from Bruxner Highway along Richmond Range Road and Cambridge Plateau Forest Drive. 

For further information please contact the NPWS Kyogle office on (02) 6632 0000.

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Applies from Thu 28 Apr 2016, 1.33pm. Last reviewed: Tue 31 May 2016, 10.12am

Closed areas: Mt Clunie Road closed until further notice

Mt Clunie road is closed until further notice due to a collapsed bridge. There is a locked gate and access is restricted.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Kyogle area office on (02) 6632 0000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.




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Applies from Wed 26 Nov 2014, 4.28pm. Last reviewed: Mon 24 Jul 2017, 4.17pm

Closed areas: Road closure

Some areas of this park are closed due to demolition of bridge from past flooding event. This closure applies until further notice. Closed areas include the 4WD access to North Washpool, an area also known as Washpool rest area, entering from Baryulgil onto Collum Collum Road. The bridge is washed away, at the junction of Washpool Creek and Collum Collum Road.

  • Washpool National Park’s 2WD entrance off Gwydir Highway onto Coachwood Drive and Washpool Forest Way is open.
  • Bellbird campground, Coombadjha campground and the Granites lookout and picnic areas are accessible.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Glen Innes area office (02) 6739 0700 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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