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Currango Homestead

High Plains area in Kosciuszko National Park

Open, check current alerts 

Current alerts in this area

Last reviewed: Wed 31 May 2023, 4.17pm

Applies from Wed 31 May 2023, 4.13pm. Last reviewed: Wed 31 May 2023, 4.17pm.

Safety alerts: Port Phillip Trail Causeway Closed due to flooding

Please plan your trip accordingly

Nearby alerts

Applies from Tue 30 May 2023, 9.01am to Fri 16 Jun 2023, 5.00pm. Last reviewed: Tue 30 May 2023, 11.50am

Closed areas: Southern section of Kosciuszko National Park and Clarkes Hill Nature Reserve closed for aerial pest control operation

The Southern section of Kosciuszko National Park and Clareks Hill Nature Reserve will be closed from 8am Monday 12 June 2023 till 5pm Friday 16 June 2023 for an aerial pest control operation.

The closed areas are:

  • Clover Flat campground
  • Yellow Bog area
  • Spring Creek area
  • Greg Greg area
  • Clarkes Hill Nature Reserve

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the Khancoban park office on 02 60708400.

Affects 1 park and 5 locations nearby. Show list

Applies from Tue 23 May 2023, 11.19am to Mon 26 Jun 2023, 11.19am. Last reviewed: Tue 23 May 2023, 11.27am

Closed parks: Aerial Pest Control Program

Scabby Range Nature Reserve is closed from 7am Tuesday 13th June to 6pm Saturday 24th June 2023 for an aerial pest control operation targeting pigs and deer.


Penalties apply for non-compliance


For more information contact NPWS Tumut 6947 7000


Affects 1 park nearby. Show list

Applies from Mon 8 May 2023, 2.37pm to Fri 30 Jun 2023, 2.44pm. Last reviewed: Tue 16 May 2023, 1.34pm

Closed areas: Areas in the Yarrangobilly Caves precinct closed for geo-tech works

Areas closed from 4.30pm on Monday 15 May to 9.30am on Saturday 1 July 2023 for geo-technical works. The following caves and walk are closed:

  • South Glory Cave
  • Castle Cave and Castle Cave walk
  • Harrie Wood Cave
  • North Glory Cave

For more information, contact the local NPWS office. 

Affects 1 park and 14 locations nearby. Show list

Applies from Tue 31 Mar 2020, 12.00pm. Last reviewed: Tue 2 May 2023, 4.45pm

Closed areas: Kosciuszko National Park closed sites

A number of sites in Kosciuszko National Park are closed or may have other restrictions until further notice.

Post-winter closures due to wet weather trail conditions

The following roads and trails are closed until further notice:

  • Geehi Dam/Olsens Road
  • Grassy Flat Trail

Detour due to construction works

  • Kings Cross Road and Tumut Ponds Fire Trail are accessible only via Snow Ridge Road near Cabramurra. No access from Link Road through Selwyn Snow Resort.

Fire-affected areas

Some sections of Kosciuszko National Park which burnt during the 2019/2020 fires remain closed. These areas include:

  • Wolgal and Pattinson's Huts
  • Cabramurra township
  • Selwyn Snow Resort. The resort is being rebuilt following fire damage, and is currently a construction site. For your safety, public access to this area is strictly prohibited and all signage in this area must be followed.

Huts that burnt down in the 2020 fires

These locations remain is open but the following huts or buildings have been lost:

  • Bradley/O'Briens Hut, Brooks Hut, 4 Mile Hut, Happy's Hut, Harvey's Hut, Linesman's No.3 Huts, Round Mountain Hut, Vickery's Hut and Dry Dam Ski Shelter.
  • Warning: Please take care as there may be broken glass/nails that are uncovered since NPWS made records and cleaned up these sites. Please do not disturb the sites or remove artefacts.

Snowy 2.0 works affecting access to Tantangara Road and Tantangara Dam

  • Access to the southern end of Tantangara Reservoir via Quarry trail is closed to the public.
  • Access to the southern end boat ramp is open, but may be subject to short-term closures.
  • Current boating and camping access to Tantangara Reservoir will still be available at access points on the northern end of the reservoir, via Port Phillip and Dam trails.

Do not enter closed areas in Kosciuszko National Park. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

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Applies from Tue 28 Feb 2023, 9.52am to Thu 28 Sep 2023, 9.53am. Last reviewed: Mon 17 Apr 2023, 10.34am

Other planned events: Notice of ongoing 1080 wild dog and fox baiting program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be conducting a baiting program in the north east precinct of Kosciuszko National Park, within the Adaminaby/Yaouk wild dog control area.

The program will be continuous and ongoing between Thursday 1 September 2022 and Tuesday 28 February 2023, and will use meat baits and canid pest ejectors containing 1080 (sodium fluroacetate) poison for the control of wild dogs and foxes.

All baiting locations will be identifiable by signs.

Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW national parks and reserve. Pets and working dogs may be affected, and 1080 is lethal to cats and dogs. Pets and working dogs in the vicinity must be restrained or muzzled and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

For further information please call the NPWS Tumut area office on 02 6947 7000.

Affects 3 parks nearby. Show list

Applies from Mon 25 Feb 2019, 9.07am to Sat 1 Feb 2025, 12.40pm. Last reviewed: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 8.29am

Closed areas: Closed areas due to Snowy 2.0 works

The following areas are closed due to the Snowy 2.0 works from Monday 25 February 2019 until early 2025, unless the closure is extended or removed:

  • Lobs Hole Ravine Road 4wd trail
  • Wallace Creek lookout
  • Lobs Hole Ravine campground

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please call the NPWS Tumut area office on 02 6947 7000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Affects 1 park nearby. Show list

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