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Old Geehi campground

Khancoban area in Kosciuszko National Park

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Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

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Applies from Thu 26 Jan 2023, 3.08pm. Last reviewed: Wed 18 Jan 2023, 3.14pm

Other planned events: Tom Groggin Precinct - pesticide application

Contractors for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be undertaking pesticide application to treat St Johns Wort and Blackberry in the Tom Groggin precinct commencing 3 February 2023. The following areas will be affected:

  • Tom Groggin Campground
  • Tom Groggin Horse Camp
  • Grassy Flat Trail
  • Murray Gates Trail
  • Rileys Flat
  • The Bicentennial National Trail (Tom Groggin to Murray Gates)

Visitors are reminded not to eat the fruit of treated blackberry. Campgrounds and visitor assets will remain open for the duration of the treatment.

For more information please contact the NPWS Jindabyne office on (02) 6450 5555. 

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Applies from Mon 23 Jan 2023, 6.00am to Fri 17 Feb 2023, 6.00pm. Last reviewed: Wed 18 Jan 2023, 8.22am

Closed areas: Area closed for aerial pest control operation

The NPWS Cross Tenure Feral Deer Management Project will be conducting an aerial pest control operation between 6am, Monday 6 February to 6pm, Friday 17 February 2023 (weekdays only).

This program will target feral deer and aims to significantly reduce the number of feral deer on park and adjacent consenting private land. Other pest animals, including pigs, goats, foxes and wild dogs will be targeted if observed during the operation.

This program will operate in the Moonbah/Ingebyra, Cascades and Big Boggy areas of Kosciuszko National Park.

Warning signs will be placed at relevant access points into areas of park. Please do not enter closed areas during this time. Penalties may apply.

Please note: Cascades Trail will remain open. Visitors must stay within 500m of Cascades Trail. There is no access to Teddy's Hut for the duration of the shoot program.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please email or phone 1300 361 967.

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Applies from Tue 31 Mar 2020, 12.00pm. Last reviewed: Fri 6 Jan 2023, 10.21am

Closed areas: Closed areas in Kosciuszko National Park

A number of sites in Kosciuszko National Park are closed or may have other restrictions until further notice.

Post-Winter closures due to wet weather trail conditions (closed until further notice)

The following roads are closed:

  • Goobragandara Powerline Road
  • Geehi Dam / Olsens Road
  • BlackJack Trail
  • Manjar Trail
  • Grassy Flat Trail

The following campgrounds are closed:

  • Dubbo Flat

Detour due to construction works 

  • Kings Cross Road and Tumut Ponds Fire Trail - access only via Snow Ridge Road near Cabramurra. No access from Link Road through Selwyn Snow Resort.

Fire-affected areas

Some sections of Kosciuszko National Park which burnt during the 2019/2020 fires remain closed. These areas include:

  • Kiandra Court House
  • Wolgal Hut
  • Pattinson's Hut and Matthew's Cottage
  • Cabramurra township
  • Selwyn Snow Resort
  • Selwyn Snow Resort is being rebuilt following fire damage, and is currently a construction site. For your safety, public access to this area is strictly prohibited and all signage in this area must be followed.

Huts that burnt down in the 2020 fires. The location is open but there is no hut/building:

  • Bradley/O'Briens Hut, Brooks Hut, Delaneys Hut, 4 Mile Hut, Happy's Hut, Harveys Hut, Linesman's No.3 Huts, Round Mountain Hut, Vickeries Hut and Dry Dam Ski Shelter.
    • Warning: 
    • Please take care as there may be broken glass/nails that are uncovered since NPWS made records and cleaned up these sites. 
    • Please do not disturb the sites or remove artefacts.

Tantangara Road and Tantangara Dam access - Snowy 2.0 works:

  • Access to the southern end of Tantangara Reservoir via Quarry trail is closed to the public.
  • Access to the southern end boat ramp is open but may be subject to short-term closures.
  • Current boating and camping access to Tantangara Reservoir will still be available at access points on the northern end of the reservoir, via Port Phillip and Dam trails.

Do not enter closed areas in Kosciuszko National Park. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

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Applies from Sun 1 Jan 2023, 1.08pm. Last reviewed: Sun 1 Jan 2023, 1.28pm

Safety alerts: High altitude walks - difficult snowdrift crossings

There are still large snow drifts on the high sections of the high altitude walks (above about 2000m in altitude) in Kosciuszko National Park.  With the existing snow and with alpine weather please note the following information when visiting these areas:



Be prepared:

  • Low visibility, extreme winds, severe storms and snowfalls can all occur without warning.
  • Wear and carry appropriate clothing, carry navigation equipment and be prepared for extreme conditions.
  • Track surfaces and signs may not be visible.

Travel with care:

  • Choose your routes carefully
  • Steep and icy terrain can make travel very dangerous.
  • Deep soft spring snow can collapse underneath you - mind your steps.


Areas above 2000m, including higher parts of Kosciuszko walk, Main Range walk, Summit walk, Mt Stillwell walk and Hanells Spur walk

Expect short/ steep stretches of snow/ ice cover:

  • Ensure footwear is waterproof, solid and with good grip.
  • Take a map and compass and know how to use them. Sections of tracks will not be obvious and most don't have above snow markers.
  • Take extreme caution when on all steep slopes due to slippery surfaces.


For more information, call the NPWS Snowy Region Visitor Centre on 02 6450 5600.

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Applies from Wed 14 Dec 2022, 11.57am. Last reviewed: Wed 21 Dec 2022, 3.55pm

Safety alerts: Tom Groggin Horse Camp - no accessible toilets available

The accessible toilet at Tom Groggin Horse Camp is currently out of order. Portable toilets are available at Tom Groggin Horse Camp.

Accessible toilets are available at Tom Groggin campground, approximately 1km south of the Horse Camp.

For any further enquiries, please contact the Jindabyne office on 02 6450 5555.

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