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School excursion

Kosciuszko - a special place

Stage 6 (Years 11-12), Geography, Thredbo-Perisher area in Kosciuszko National Park

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Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Fri 31 May 2024, 12.02pm. Last reviewed: Wed 12 Jun 2024, 11.26am

Closed areas: Thredbo Valley track closure

The entire Thredbo Valley Track from Thredbo Village to Gaden Trout Hatchery is closed to all cyclists from 5th of June 2024 to the 7th of October 2024.

Maintenance works are underway between Thredbo Resort and Ngarigo Campground. As such, this section is closed to all visitors.

Walkers are still permitted on the track from Ngarigo Campground to Gaden Trout Hatchery.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the Jindabyne NPWS office on 02 6450 5555.

Affects 1 park and 6 locations nearby. Show list

Applies from Tue 11 Jun 2024, 2.06pm to Fri 21 Jun 2024, 2.08pm. Last reviewed: Tue 11 Jun 2024, 5.22pm

Closed areas: Areas closed for aerial pest control operation

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be conducting aerial shooting operations in Kosciuszko National Park (KNP). The operation requires closure of the Jagungal Wilderness Area, Eucumbene and Snowy Plain between 11th June and 21st June 2024. The area of the park will be closed to enable aerial shooting to take place. Closure notices will be placed at relevant access points in Kosciuszko National Park. Penalties apply for non-compliance.

Access will be retained to the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT), only as described below:

  • Valentine Trail, Grey Mare Trail (between Valentine Trail and Doubtful Gap Trail), and Schlink Pass Road will remain open
  • Grey Mare Trail will be closed between Happy Jack Road and Doubtful Gap Trail (access to the AAWT can be access via Happy Jack Rd and Doubtful Gap Trail)
  • Trail users must stay on the trails at all times

The following trails and campground in Jagungal Wilderness Areas will be closed.

  • Gungarlin Campground 
  • Island Bend Trail
  • Dargals Trail
  • Everards Flat Trail
  • Snakey Plain Trail
  • Round Mountain Trail

We appreciate your patience while this important work is carried out.

Please contact the local Jindabyne NPWS area office for more information on 02 6450 5555.

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Applies from Tue 4 Jun 2024, 9.24am. Last reviewed: Tue 11 Jun 2024, 5.15pm

Other planned events: Tree risk assessment works at Island Bend

A contractor will be conducting removal of tree hazards at Island Bend campground this week. Please be aware that there will be trucks and workers in the area.

Affects 1 park and 1 location nearby. Show list

Applies from Thu 2 May 2024, 11.57am to Thu 31 Oct 2024, 1.25pm. Last reviewed: Tue 21 May 2024, 8.34am

Closed areas: Rawson Pass toilet closed for winter

Rawson Pass toilet will be closed from Friday 3 May 2024 to the end of winter. Seamans Hut toilet will remain open all winter.

You are encouraged to carry out your human waste when toilets are not available on the Main Range. Please refer to these resources for more information:

For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

Affects 1 park and 3 locations nearby. Show list

Applies from Mon 5 Feb 2024, 12.00pm to Fri 9 Aug 2024, 11.00pm. Last reviewed: Mon 10 Jun 2024, 3.35pm

Other planned events: Notice of 1080 ongoing program

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be conducting a baiting program using baits containing 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poison for the control of wild dogs and foxes. The program will be continuous and ongoing between Friday 9 February 2024 and Friday 9 August 2024. These programs are part of an integrated pest animal control strategy, aimed at minimising the impacts of these animals on neighbouring stock.

Baiting programs will be conducted in Thredbo/Ingebyra, Dalgety/Paupong and Corrowong/Tombong/Merriangaah Wild Dog Plan Areas. Baiting programs will also be undertaken in Paupong, Merriangaah and Quidong Nature Reserves.

This includes the following sections of Kosciuszko National Park:

  • Thredbo Valley
  • Moonbah
  • Ingebyra
  • Paupong
  • Numbla Vale
  • Corrowong

All baiting locations will be identifiable by signs.

Please be reminded that domestic pets are not permitted on NPWS Estate. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

For further information, please call the Jindabyne area office on 02 6450 5555.

Affects 2 parks nearby. Show list

Applies from Fri 19 Jan 2024, 10.48am. Last reviewed: Sun 14 Apr 2024, 12.15pm

Closed areas: No parking at Porcupine track/Snowies Alpine walk track head

Sections of Porcupine Road are closed for construction works until June 2024 with access for locals and pedestrians only. There is no parking at the track head of Porcupine track and the Snowies Alpine walk for the duration of this closure. Walkers will need to park in Perisher Valley carpark and walk to the track head from there.

Affects 1 park and 1 location nearby. Show list

Applies from Wed 17 May 2023, 11.50am. Last reviewed: Thu 16 May 2024, 9.07am

Closed areas: Bullocks Hut closed

Several buildings in the Bullocks Hut complex are closed until further notice for restoration works. Please do not enter the construction sites.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, call the Snowy Region Visitor Centre on 02 6450 5600 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Affects 1 park and 1 location nearby. Show list

Local alerts

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Park info

  • in the Thredbo-Perisher area of Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains region
  • The Thredbo-Perisher area is open all year, but some roads and trails may close due to weather conditions or park management issues. Kosciuszko Road is closed between Perisher and Charlotte Pass in winter (June to October long weekends).
  • Park entry fees apply on Alpine Way and Kosciuszko Road

    Winter (June to October long weekends): $29 per vehicle per day (24hrs from purchase); motorcycles $12; bus passengers $11.45 per adult, $3.60 per child per day. Find out more about the winter entry surcharge.

    Rest of Year: $17 per vehicle per day (24hrs); motorcycles $7; bus passengers $6.60 per adult, $2.20 per child per day.

    Passes: Day passes, multi-day passes and annual All Parks Pass available from NPWS visitor centres, local agents and operating vehicle entry stations. Single and Multi-Day passes are also available via the Park'nPay app. Short Breaks Pass: $68 for 5 days park entry at price of 4 days (not valid winter).

    Read our Annual Pass FAQs for information.

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