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Park entry fees and passes FAQs

Read our FAQs on park entry fees, buying and using a NSW National Parks annual pass, what's covered and what discounts or concessions are available.

Which parks have entry fees and how much are they?

Motor vehicle entry fees are charged at 45 of the 895 NSW national parks and reserves managed by NSW National Parks (NPWS). Parks with entry fees are generally our most popular parks with many visitors. 

See the list of parks with vehicle entry fees, and how much it costs when you visit. 

This fee relates to motor vehicles, not to people, so you only need to pay for each motor vehicle you bring into the park (including motorbikes). If you ride a bicycle or walk, entry is free.

You can buy single-day entry passes or, if you're a regular park visitor, you can save time and money by buying an annual pass.

Single day entry is generally $4, $8 or $12, except in Kosciuszko National Park. A variety of 1 and 2-year passes are available for private motor vehicles with up to 8 seats. The cost ranges from $22 to $190 for a 1-year annual pass, and depends on which parks you wish to include.  

For your safety, and to avoid disappointment, people planning a visit to national parks across NSW are urged to check for closures before heading out, as conditions can change quickly.

How do my park entry fees help?

Your support directly helps NPWS to:

  • Maintain and improve visitor facilities
  • Protect threatened species and their habitats
  • Conserve historic sites and places of culture significance

Read more about NPWS conservation and heritage activities.


Buying and using your day or annual pass

How do I pay single day vehicle entry fees for NSW parks?

If you don't have a valid annual pass, or only visit fee-collecting parks occasionally, you'll need to buy a single-day pass for each day of your visit, when you arrive.

Check the list of parks with vehicle entry fees and their cost per vehicle per day, or call the park ahead of time to check.

Day Pass payment options vary between parks, but can include:

  • Pay machines in a selection of the park's parking areas.
  • Park entry stations.
  • Participating Visitor Centres.
  • As part of an online camping or accommodation booking.
  • Park'nPay mobile app in select locations.
  • Self-registration boxes.

What annual passes are available?

There are 4 types of NSW National Parks annual passes available:

All Parks Pass: All 45 parks with entry fees, including Kosciuszko National Park

  • 1-year pass $190
  • 2-year pass $335

Multi Parks Pass: All parks with entry fees, except Kosciuszko National Park

  • 1-year pass $65
  • 2-year pass $115

Country Parks Pass: For 34 designated parks in Country NSW. Excludes Sydney area parks and Kosciuszko National Park.

  • 1-year pass $45
  • 2-year pass $75

Single Park Pass: For your choice of any 1 of the designated parks in Country NSW.

  • 1-year pass $22
  • 2-year pass $40

Buy your annual parks pass online.

How can I buy an annual pass and when is it valid?

NPWS annual passes are valid for 1 or 2 years from the time of purchase. To buy your annual pass:

Online: Choose from our 4 annual park pass options and buy online.

Phone: Call the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS).

In person: See participating NPWS locations in your region. Subject to change. Or, visit a Service NSW centre if you need special assistance.

How long does it take to get my annual pass?

If you buy your annual pass online or over the phone you will receive your digital pass immediately. You won't have to wait for a physical pass to arrive in the mail - start using your digital NSW annual parks pass straight away.

Applications for Seniors cards can take up to 3 business days to process. If unsuccessful, your application payment will be refunded to you in full.

If you’d like to visit a fee-collecting park before your application has been approved, you’ll need to purchase a day pass for your visit.

How do I display my annual pass?

From 20 April 2021, if you buy an annual NSW parks pass you'll receive a digital pass. No more stickers to display on your windscreen.

Like your NSW car registration, or motorway toll pass, your annual pass will be linked to your vehicle number plate and recognised in our system.

If you have an annual pass purchased before 20 April 2021, you can still display this pass until its expiry date. Please do not remove it from your windscreen before it expires.

Can I combine my day use fee and camping fee?

No. The fees are managed separately to ensure visitors aren’t overcharged, as may be the case with annual pass or exemption pass holders.

Annual pass inclusions, exclusions, restrictions

What does my annual pass include?

All Parks Pass:

  • Motor vehicle entry to all 45 NSW national parks and reserves identified on the fee-collecting parks page of this website, including Kosciuszko National Park.

Multi Parks Pass:

  • Motor vehicle entry to 44 NSW national parks and reserves identified on the fee-collecting parks page of this website. Excludes Kosciuszko National Park.

Country Parks Pass:

Single Park Pass:

Single Park and Country Parks passes are valid for parks outside the Sydney area, those surrounded by the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and the Appin-Bulli Road. Excludes Kosciuszko National Park.

What doesn't my annual pass include?

NSW National Parks annual passes are valid for motor vehicle entry fees at up to 45 fee-collecting parks.

Annual passes do not cover:

  • Camping and accommodation fees
  • Landing fees for Sydney Harbour National Park islands
  • Landing fees at The Basin, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • Mooring fees at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • Entry to museums, visitor centres, rainforest centres, Discovery and education centres
  • Fees for tours, events, activities and attractions in NSW national parks
  • The Skitube in Kosciuszko National Park

Restrictions apply in the following areas:

  • Chowder Bay area of Sydney Harbour National Park
  • Cape Byron Lighthouse precinct of Cape Byron State Conservation Area

Please read the NPWS annual pass conditions of use.

Are there NSW parks not covered by an annual pass?

Yes. An annual pass will not provide you with access to the following areas and parks:

  • Worimi Conservation Lands require a specific vehicle access permit for motor vehicle entry and beach driving at Stockton Beach in the Worimi Conservation Lands.
  • Booderee National Park, at Jervis Bay, is managed jointly by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and Parks Australia.
  • 3 areas in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park have day vehicle entry fees: Halls Peak campground, Riverside campground and picnic area, and Youdales campground. Fees aren't applicable if you're paying camping fees at these locations.
  • Bongil Bongil National Park requires a beach driving permit at Bongil Beach.

Is my annual pass valid for national parks throughout Australia?

No. Each state manages its own park system and can supply information about entry to the parks for which it is responsible. Visit the websites of other park agencies for more information.

What are the restrictions at Sydney Harbour National Park's Chowder Bay precinct?

All Parks Pass, Multi-Parks Pass and the NSW National Parks Concession Pass for pensioners and eligible veterans, are valid for a maximum of 4 hours per calendar day in the Chowder Bay precinct of Sydney Harbour National Park. Please purchase a ticket from the on-site parking machines to top up your length of stay if you plan to visit for a longer period.

Please note: The Chowder Bay precinct of Sydney Harbour National Park begins near the top of Chowder Bay Road and ends at the border with Harbour Trust land (before the buildings at Chowder Bay). This section of the park is also referred to as Georges Head. Carparks operated by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust or Mosman Council are not covered by your pass. Please check signs carefully.

What are the restrictions at Cape Byron Lighthouse precinct?

All NPWS annual passes (All Parks, Multi-Parks, Country Parks and Single Park - Cape Byron State Conservation Area passes), and the NSW National Parks Concession Pass for pensioners and veterans, are valid for a maximum of 1 hour per calendar day in the Cape Byron Lighthouse precinct of Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Parking is limited to 1 hour per vehicle per day.

Replace, upgrade or renew your annual pass

Can I get a replacement annual pass sticker?

All annual passes replaced after 20 April 2021 will be issued as a digital pass – a new sticker will not be provided.

Passes will only be replaced if the sticker has been damaged.

You must retain your pass and contact the National Parks Contact Centre to arrange a digital replacement. Please note conditions apply, and lost, misplaced, or unused passes won't be refunded or replaced.

When you apply to replace your pass you will need to pay a fee and provide NPWS the damaged pass as evidence for the replacement.

Contact the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS) or via email for more information on replacing passes.

Can I upgrade my annual pass?

You can upgrade from any level of annual pass to a pass of greater value by paying the difference in price plus a $8 administration fee. The upgraded pass will expire on the same date as your original pass. To upgrade your pass, please contact the National Parks Contact Centre.

Can I renew my annual pass online?

If you’ve previously bought an annual pass, and your vehicle registration and address details remain the same, you may be able to renew your pass online up to 30 days prior to the pass expiry date. You can also call 1300 072 757.

Discounts, concessions, exemptions

Is discount or concession park entry available?

Discounts and concessions are available only for NPWS annual passes, not for daily park entry fees.

Discount annual passes include:

  • $15 discount on All Parks Pass or Multi Parks Pass when you renew your NSW vehicle registration online through Service NSW
  • Approximately 20% off the full price of all 4 NPWS annual pass types, if you have a valid Australian Seniors Card. Excludes Senior Savers Card.

Concession annual passes are available for:

  • Eligible Australian pensioners or veterans cardholders

Read more about discount and concession pass options and eligibility.

What exemptions exist for park entry fees?

Exemptions may be available for Aboriginal people attending a significant traditional cultural ceremony.

Read more about exemptions for Aboriginal people.

Is my Australian Disability Parking Permit valid in NSW national parks?

Australian Disability Parking Permits and NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permits are not valid for park entry fee discounts, concessions or exemptions in NSW national parks.

In parks with vehicle entry fees, you'll need to buy a valid day pass or have a valid NPWS annual park pass Concession Pass. Fines may apply if you fail to pay the park entry fee.

If you have an Australian pensioner or veterans card you may be eligible to apply for an NPWS Concession annual pass.

Annual pass transfers or use for other vehicles

Can I use my pass across multiple vehicles?

Annual passes and day passes are issued for individual motor vehicles and cover the driver and any passengers in that vehicle.

Changing your vehicle details

Annual passes can be transferred to any other vehicle registered at the same address or in the same name as the original vehicle.

Transfer requests and payment of the administration fee can be submitted online

You will need to provide both the original vehicle and new vehicle certificate of registrations to confirm the name or address matches. If you do not have the original registration certificate, you can provide a record of disposal or proof of sale instead.

For business or lease vehicles not registered in your name or address, you will need to provide supporting documentation confirming the old and new vehicles' details.

Contact the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS) or via email for more information on vehicle detail changes.

Can family or friends use my annual pass?

Your annual pass is linked to only 1 vehicle registration number. Your pass is valid for family or friends only when they’re driving, or they're passengers, in your car that's linked to your pass.

What's a second household pass?

Second household passes are available to holders of an All Parks Pass for vehicles registered at the same address. This must be verified by presenting a copy of registration for both motor vehicles and proof of purchase for the first All Parks Pass.

The cost of second and any subsequent passes is 50% of the full price of an All Parks Pass. These will expire on the same date as the first All Parks Pass.

If you bought your All Parks Pass online you may be able to apply for a second householder pass online. You can also contact the National Parks Contact Centre.

How do I access a park if I'm not using a private vehicle?

If you’re driving a hire or rental motor vehicle, you can buy a day pass when you arrive at the park. You can find information on day pass fees on each park’s webpage.

For park entry information applying to taxis, buses, minibuses and student groups, please contact the relevant park office directly. Park office contact information can be found on each park’s webpage.

Compliance and penalty notices

What if I don't display a valid annual or day pass?

You must have a valid paper or digital annual pass linked to your vehicle, or display a valid vehicle entry day pass on your motor vehicle while you’re in the park, or else you may be fined.

Why did I get a compliance notice?

If you visited 1 of the 45 NSW parks that require motor vehicle entry fees, and you haven't got a valid NPWS annual pass or day pass for the park, you may receive a compliance notice.

What do I do if I get a compliance notice and have a valid annual or day pass?

You'll need to contact NPWS to provide us with proof of your valid annual pass or day pass. Please follow the instructions on your compliance notice for how to contact NPWS.

If you don't action a compliance notice it may result in a penalty infringement notice, with a minimum penalty of $100 per notice.

Do I need to pay a compliance notice?

Yes, if you have no proof that you had a valid annual pass or day pass at the time. If you did have a valid pass, you can follow the instructions on your compliance notice to contact NSW National Parks.

How do I pay a compliance notice?

If you've received a compliance notice from any of the following Sydney parks, you can pay online using your credit card.

If you've been issued with a compliance notice or penalty infringement from any other NSW national park or reserve, please follow the instructions provided on the notice.

Please visit our compliance notices page for more information.

How do I pay a penalty infringement notice?

Please follow the steps outlined on the back of your infringement notice, or visit the Revenue NSW website.

Your privacy

What happens to my personal information?

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is part of the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW). NPWS follows the Department’s privacy policies and Privacy Management Plan, which can be found on the Department's website.

When you request a parks pass NPWS may collect your car registration, personal contact, and any concession entitlement details, for the purpose of fee collection and management of vehicle entry fees. It may be shared with other NSW Government agencies, Service NSW or Revenue NSW, for the purpose of pass management or compliance matters.

If during your pass request you choose to make a donation, your contact details will also be shared with the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

You have a right to know what information is held about you. If you wish to access the parking fee information held by NPWS, you can contact us on 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS) or

For more information about privacy at the Department, please contact: