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Wildlife tours in NSW national parks

These unique experiences are the best way to see our native animals in their own habitat. From kayaking with dolphins to spotting nocturnal rainforest creatures, bird watching, or having breakfast with kangaroos, if you want to get up close to Australia’s unique animals there's no better way than with a wildlife tour in NSW national parks.

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, Petrogale penicillata. Photo credit: Sean Leathers © DPIE


North Coast

View of sheer cliffs and waterfall in a misty rainforest setting. Photo © Rise Up – Byron Conscious Tours

Byron glow worms and hinterland forest experience

Discover Byron Bay’s spiritual side and see glow worms and enchanting forest sights on this guided outing with Rise Up – Byron Conscious Tours. You'll delight your senses and relax your mind as you explore the wilderness in and around Nightcap National Park.

Fees apply. Free park entry.
Contact Rise Up – Byron Conscious Tours for schedule.
Nightcap National Park in North Coast
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Rise Up – Byron Conscious Tours logo. Photo © Rise Up – Byron Conscious Tours

South Coast

A wombat grazes on a grassy forest clearing in front of a smiling young woman. Photo credit: Dave Fraser © Perfect Day Sydney

Walking with wombats luxury excursions

Even if you're short on time, you can have it all on this tour with Perfect Day Sydney. This unforgettable day out includes a magical bushwalk, visits to waterfalls and other scenic sights, and the chance for wombat encounters during a relaxing twilight dinner.

Fees apply. Park entry fees apply.
Contact Perfect Day Sydney for tour schedule.
Morton National Park in South Coast, Country NSW
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Perfect Day Sydney logo. Photo © Perfect Day Sydney

Sydney and Surrounds

Father and children keeping a safe distance from grazing kangaroos at Cattai National Park. Photo credit: John Spencer. <HTML>&copy; DPIE

Wildlife encounters

National parks are great places to escape to and explore. Keep yourself and our wildlife safe by understanding the risks of wildlife encounters and how to avoid them.