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Personalised birding tours around Deniliquin

Murray Valley National Park


Keen birders will love these tailored outings by Australian Ornithological Services. They're a great way see rare and endemic birds, including plains wanderers, in the unique ecosystems near the outback town of Deniliquin.


Contact Australian Ornithological Services for tour dates and times.

Murray Valley National Park

Contact Australian Ornithological Services for tour price information.

Bookings required. To book email Australian Ornithological Services.
Please note
  • Excursions to see plains wanderers must take place after dark and can last many hours.
  • Up to 3 birders can share the cost of a personal tour.

These flexible tours with Australian Ornithological Services are your passport to the vibrant birdlife and unique ecosystems in NSW's outback. 

Philip Maher is your highly experienced and knowledgeable guide, known far and wide for his ability to lead visitors to sightings of the rare and endemic plains wander. His tailored tours are perfect if you're an overseas birder on a tight schedule who wants to find rare species. 

Sign up for just 1 night to see the plains wanderer in the vast plains north of Deniliquin, or work with Phil to create a tour as long as 8 days. The plains wanderer may be a star attraction, but this area has many other rare and elusive species sought by keen birdwatchers, so your days with Phil will be time well spent. These excursions are also a great way to experience the majestic river red gum forests and other special habitats in Murray Valley national and regional parks.

Australian Ornithological Services is a licensed commercial tour operator with a Parks Eco Pass

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