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Brundee Swamp Nature Reserve

Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Mon 18 Jun 2018, 11.34am to Fri 29 Jun 2018, 11.34am. Last reviewed: Mon 18 Jun 2018, 1.17pm

Other planned events: Goarra Ridge fire trail maintenance

Contractors from the NSW Soil Conservation Service will be undertaking essential fire trail maintenance on Goarra Ridge trail in Royal National Park.

During the works there will be trucks and heavy machinery on the trail. Sections of the trail may be closed for short periods.

Please be aware of crews working along this trail and follow any requests from staff at the work sites. For further information please call the NPWS Royal National Park area office on (02) 9542 0632.

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Applies from Sun 24 Jun 2018, 2.00pm to Mon 25 Jun 2018, 10.00am. Last reviewed: Sun 24 Jun 2018, 9.43am

Safety alerts: Figure Eight Pools - High Risk

  • Figure Eight Pools – High Risk

  • It’s too dangerous to visit the Figure Eight Pools now
  • You can't access the rock platform because it is covered in water and breaking waves
  • You won't be able to see the pools or take a photo

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Applies from Sun 22 Oct 2017, 3.32pm. Last reviewed: Mon 27 Nov 2017, 2.25pm

Other planned events: 1080 fox baiting program underway

A 1080 fox baiting program is underway at Towra Point Nature Reserve. 1080 poison can affect non-target species (for example, dogs and cats). The program will finish on Saturday 31 March 2018.

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Applies from Fri 8 Sep 2017, 11.59am to Wed 4 Jul 2018, 11.40am. Last reviewed: Tue 15 May 2018, 10.17am

Closed areas: Change in access to Wattamolla Beach and lagoon

NPWS is upgrading the track to Wattamolla Beach and lagoon. The works are part of a broader upgrade of the Coast track from Bundeena to Garie Beach. The track upgrade will be happening between September 2017 and Jul 2018. Access to the beach and lagoon during this time will be via a pontoon across the lagoon. Local Track closures will be in place where works are being undertaken.

For more information, please contact the NPWS Royal National Park Visitor Centre on (02) 9542 0648.

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Applies from Mon 12 Jun 2017, 11.28am. Last reviewed: Thu 21 Jun 2018, 12.53pm

Safety alerts: Malabar Headland Rifle Range operation schedule

1. For public safety, the eastern section of Malabar Headland National Park is closed during ANZAC Rifle Range operations.

These closures may occur with little or no notice. 

2. Do not enter the eastern section of the park (including Boora Point walking track) when:

  • Red flags are flying above the range
  • There are warning signs at the park's entry points (South Maroubra Beach and Fishermans Road carpark)
  • Park entry gates are closed.

3. When is the eastern section of the park closed?

  • Every Saturday 
  • Every 1st Sunday of the month (starting Sunday 1 July 2018)
  • Every 3rd Sunday of the month

These closures apply to the eastern section of the park only, including Boora Point walking track.

They do not apply to the western section of the park, including Western Escarpment walking track.

The range operation schedule is provided by the NSW Rifle Association (the range authority).

4. Contacts

To contact the ANZAC Rifle Range, call (02) 9661 4532.

To contact the NPWS area office, email the Environment line or call (02) 9337 5511.


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Applies from Fri 1 May 2015, 4.12pm. Last reviewed: Thu 14 Jul 2016, 1.00pm

Safety alerts: Audley precinct in wet weather

Access across the Audley Weir may be closed due to river flooding during times of wet weather. During wet weather, NPWS advise park visitors to visit Live Traffic NSW to ascertain the status of the Weir crossing before commencing their travel to the park. During times of closure, access to Bundeena, Maianbar residential areas, Royal National Park Visitor Centre, including the Audley Dance hall and cafe, is via McKell Ave Waterfall.

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