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Boonoo Boonoo National Park

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Boonoo Boonoo National Park is a special place. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Have you seen the wildlife?

Endangered brush-tailed rock-wallabies can be found in Boonoo Boonoo National Park near Tenterfield. Photo: Leah Pippos, © DCCEEW

Boonoo Boonoo takes its name from the Jukambal language and means ‘big rock’. Known for its stunning waterfalls, secluded waterholes and many walking trails, this national park is home to many plants and animals including kangaroos, endangered brush-tailed rock-wallabies and vulnerable spotted-tailed quolls which you may see throughout the park in the early morning and late afternoon. You may also be lucky enough to spot platypuses frolicking in Boonoo Boonoo River.

  • Boonoo Boonoo Falls picnic area Boonoo Boonoo Falls picnic area is not only a great place to eat and rest, it teems with wildlife and wildflowers and is close to walking tracks, lookouts and Boonoo Boonoo Falls.
  • Falls Lookout walk For views of magnificent Boonoo Boonoo Falls, why not wander along Falls Lookout walk, only 35km from Tenterfield.
  • Morgans Gully picnic area Visit Morgans Gully for a relaxing picnic, and investigate gold mining historic heritage surrounded by wildflowers and embellished with a waterfall and geological formations.

Gold fever

Morgans Gully, Boonoo Boonoo National Park. Photo: David Young

Morgans Gully and Ropers Gully are two sites in the park where alluvial gold was discovered in the late nineteenth century. As a result, there was a huge influx of European and Asian prospectors to the area. As well as giving the nearby town of Tenterfield a massive economic boost, the village of Boonoo Boonoo temporarily flourished, though it is now in ruins.

Though nature has reclaimed these gullies too, imagine what the areas might have looked, sounded and smelt like when they were teeming with men from here and all over the world, half-crazy with gold fever.

Fabulous falls

Boonoo Boonoo Falls are in Boonoo Boonoo National Park near Tenterfield. Photo: Joshua J Smith, © DCCEEW

The park's jewel is Boonoo Boonoo Falls. If you'd like to see what this feature is really made of, visit during the wetter months of summer. Even if the falls aren't pumping, though, they're still beautiful and there will always be rockpools along Boonoo Boonoo River to swim in, walking tracks to follow and riverside picnics to indulge in.

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