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Who cares about national parks?

Stage 2 (Years 3-4), Geography

Who cares about national parks? is a Stage 2 education resource that supports the NSW syllabus learning outcomes associated with Geography, Science and Technology, English and Creative Arts. 

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The NSW cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures and Sustainability are also addressed.   

Students will:

  • examine different perspectives regarding the purpose and management of national parks, and how this evolves over time
  • explore the importance to the environment of natural vegetation and natural resources
  • learn how different people value the environment and their connection with it
  • identify sustainable practices and recognise that there are differing views on how sustainability can be achieved
  • use creative skills to propose a solution for an environmental problem, encouraging change within the community. 
Stage Stage 2 (Years 3-4)
Learning area Geography

The teacher resource kit associated with Who cares about national parks? is comprised of 2 parts:

1. A 14-page downloadable document detailing:

  • Description of teaching unit 
  • NSW syllabus outcomes by key learning area (KLA)
  • Learning across the curriculum map 
  • A summary of each lesson
  • Preparation instructions for delivery

2. Google site teacher's platform with all resource links, activity notes and solutions, and Google site student resource.