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Rigby Hill walking track

Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park

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Applies from Sat 9 Apr 2022, 1.03pm. Last reviewed: Mon 15 Jul 2024, 3.01pm

Closed areas: Parts of Blue Mountains National Park closed

Many roads, fire trails and walking tracks within Blue Mountains National Park are closed due to infrastructure upgrades or damage caused by wet weather including subsidence, rockfalls, landslides and fallen trees.

The following areas are closed:

Katoomba and Leura

  • Honeymoon Bridge is closed due to rockfall risk.
  • Leura Falls lookout is closed for upgrade works.
  • Fern Bower track between Prince Henry Cliff walk (Grand Cliff Top walk) and Amphitheatre track is closed due to multiple landslides.
  • Federal pass between the Cooks Crossing (Kedumba River) and Dardanelles Pass (near the Giant Staircase) is closed due to a landslide. There is no access along Federal Pass from the bottom Giant Stairs to Scenic World. Visitors can access Scenic World bottom stations via Furber Steps only. Fares apply. 
  • Ruined Castle, Golden Stairs, Solitary Loop and Federal Pass west of Scenic World are closed due to multiple landslides.
  • Glenraphael Drive (Narrow Neck) will be closed to all traffic including walkers and cyclists from Monday 15 July until Friday 19 July 2024 for the upgrade of the road safety barrier.  There will be no access to Castle Head or the Kanangra to Katoomba walk.
  • Glenraphael Drive (Narrow Neck) will be closed to all traffic including walkers and cyclists from Monday 22 July until Friday 26 July 2024 between Cliff Drive and Miners Track.  Walkers and cyclists can still access Narrow Neck via Miners Track from Narrow Neck Lookout.
  • Lone Lyrebird track is closed between Gordon Road and the War Memorial, due to subsidence. Detour is in place.
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk (part of Grand Cliff Top walk) is closed between Gordon Falls picnic area and Elysian Rock lookout, due to a landslide. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk (part of Grand Cliff Top walk) is closed between Fern Bower track, Echo Tree and Flat Rock lookout, due to a landslide. Please use Cliff Drive as short detour. 
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk (part of Grand Cliff Top walk) is closed between Leura Cascades and top of Fern Bower, due to landslide and tree fall.  Please use Cliff Drive as a short detour.  
  • Part of Lindeman Pass is closed due to a major landslide below Gladstone lookout. Roberts Pass is closed due to rockfall and landslide hazards.
  • Mount Hay Road is closed from Lockley Pylon walking track due to road conditions.  No vehicle access to Mt Hay and Butterbox Point.  Pedestrians and cyclists are permitted.
  • Six Foot track is affected by closures at Jenolan Caves.

Wentworth Falls and Woodford   

  • Valley of Waters track is closed below Sylvia Falls. There is no access to Roberts Pass, Vera Falls, Hippocrene Falls or Wentworth Falls from Valley of the Waters.
  • Charles Darwin walk (part of the Grand Cliff Top walk) is closed between Fletcher Street and Weeping Rock. Detours are in place to provide directions to Wentworth Falls picnic area. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.
  • Part of National Pass (west of Wentworth Falls middle crossing) is closed due to a major landslide and ongoing risks.
  • Wentworth Pass and Slack Stairs are closed due to multiple landslides.
  • Bedford Creek trail will be closed Monday to Friday until Friday 26 July 2024 due to road repairs. There will be no access from Anderson fire trail or Murphys Road to Ingar campground. There is also no exit to Woodford from Andersons fire trail. Trials and campgrounds will be open on Saturday and Sunday. Ingar campground is open on Saturday night only.

Blackheath, Mount Victoria and Bells Line of Road

  • Perrys Lookdown Road will be closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from Monday 5 August to Friday 16 August 2024 for roadworks. The road will be open weekends. Alternative access to Acacia flat is available via Horse track (via Grand Canyon track) or Lockley Pylon.
  • Williams track (Govetts descent) and Rodriguez Pass are closed due to rockfalls and landslides.
  • Pulpit Rock Reserve, lookouts and walking track are closed. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information. Pulpit Rock walking track from Popes Glen is open as far as the NPWS boundary (as shown on Google maps).

Adventure recreation, canyons, abseiling and rock climbing

Some adventure recreation areas and routes are specifically closed where the access or exit road/track is mentioned above.  

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the local office.

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Applies from Mon 1 Jul 2024, 6.00am. Last reviewed: Fri 12 Jul 2024, 10.44am

Closed areas: Mount Hay Road closed

Mount Hay Road is closed from the Lockleys Pylon walking track intersection due to road conditions.  No access to Mt Hay and Butterbox Point. Pedestrian access and cyclists are permitted.

For more information please call the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre on 02 4787 8877.

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