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Wolli Creek bush regeneration

Wolli Creek Regional Park

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Applies from Tue 21 May 2024, 12.16pm. Last reviewed: Tue 9 Jul 2024, 11.28am

Closed areas: Castle Rock pedestrian bridge closed for replacement

The Manly to the Spit walking track will be closed between 91 Cutler Road and 17 Ogilvy Road, Clontarf from Wednesday 29 May to 29 July 2024 for the replacement of a pedestrian bridge near Castle Rock Beach. An alternate route is available via Cutler Road, Barrabooka Road and Ogilvy Road. Directional signage will be in place to guide pedestrians through the alternate route.

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Applies from Mon 13 May 2024, 9.48am. Last reviewed: Mon 8 Jul 2024, 3.31pm

Other planned events: Road verge maintenance works - North Head Scenic Drive

Restoration of bushland areas, where necessary, associated with the recent road shoulder stabilisation and drainage works in the loop road section of North Head Scenic Drive, near the Fairfax lookout car park, will be substantially completed by Friday 12 July, weather permitting. Works are scheduled between 7am and 4pm weekdays. Traffic control will be in place. There may be minor traffic delays. 


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Applies from Wed 31 Mar 2021, 11.53am. Last reviewed: Mon 8 Jul 2024, 3.21pm

Closed areas: Bluefish Point closed

The Bluefish Point bushland area is closed to public access for public safety and to protect the landscape and important plant and animal communities. Access to rock pools is difficult and dangerous. Please stay on sign-posted walking tracks when visiting Sydney Harbour National Park for your safety and observe warning signs in the area.  


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Applies from Wed 5 Dec 2018, 7.23pm. Last reviewed: Mon 8 Jul 2024, 3.20pm

Other planned events: North Head Scenic Drive gate opening times

The North Head Scenic Drive gate opening times are:

  • AEDT From 1 October 2023 to 7 April 2024 - from 5am to 8.30pm
  • AEST From 8 April 2024 to 6 October 2024 -  from 6am to 6pm

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Applies from Tue 19 May 2020, 4.18pm. Last reviewed: Thu 4 Jul 2024, 3.06pm

Closed areas: Closed areas due to rifle range operations

The eastern section of Malabar Headland National Park will be closed on the following dates/times due to ANZAC Rifle Range operations:

  • Every Saturday, 8am to 5pm.
  • The 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month, 8am to 5pm.
  • ANZAC Rifle Range special events: 
    • All Schools training and competition - Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 July 2024 (8am to 5pm each day)
    • Service Rifle Championships - Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2024 (8am to 5pm both days)

Do not enter the eastern section of the national park (including Boora Point walking track) when:

  • Red flags are flying above the range
  • The 'rifle range in use' warning signs are displayed at the park entry (South Maroubra Beach and Fishermans Road carpark).
  • Park entry gates are closed.

The western section of the national park (Western Escarpment walking track) remains open when the rifle range is in use.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS local office on 02 9337 5511 or the ANZAC Rifle Range on 02 9661 4532.

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Applies from Thu 15 Feb 2024, 5.04pm to Fri 30 Aug 2024, 5.10pm. Last reviewed: Fri 24 May 2024, 4.40pm

Closed areas: Artillery track closed

Artillery track is currently closed until repairs are completed to nearby historic structures. Boora Point walking track remains open.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

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Applies from Tue 24 Jan 2023, 10.00am to Mon 30 Sep 2024, 3.29pm. Last reviewed: Fri 24 May 2024, 4.22pm

Closed areas: Gardeners Cottage closure

Gardeners Cottage will not be available for bookings until the replacement of the concrete seawall at Shark Beach, Nielsen Park has been completed. For more information on the seawall replacement please visit the project website or call the NPWS Vaucluse office on 02 9337 5511.

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Applies from Wed 21 Jun 2023, 9.07am to Fri 29 Nov 2024, 9.09am. Last reviewed: Tue 21 May 2024, 8.59am

Closed areas: Kurnell foreshore partial closure

Transport for NSW is constructing ferry wharves at Kurnell and La Perouse. Closures will be in place until late 2024. There will be no public access to the foreshore area between Prince Charles Parade and the wharf along Monument walking track. Alternative pedestrian pathways will be in place to allow public access into Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

For more information visit the Kamay Ferry Wharves project webpage.

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Applies from Mon 4 Mar 2024, 11.34am. Last reviewed: Wed 10 Jul 2024, 3.49pm

Closed areas: Commemoration Flat amenities block closed

From March to June 2024, contractors will be demolishing and replacing the amenities block at Commemoration Flat and upgrading the associated services. During these construction works, the northern part of Commemoration Flat carpark and the amenities block will be fenced off and occupied, and work crews will be on site.

Toilets will remain available at the visitors centre and cricket pitch area. The surrounding picnic areas and barbecue facilities will continue to be accessible during construction.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

For more information, email or call the NPWS Sydney South office on 02 9668 2010.

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Applies from Mon 27 Nov 2023, 12.49pm. Last reviewed: Fri 23 Feb 2024, 12.48pm

Other planned events: Hornby Light renovation works

Hornby Lighthouse at South Head is currently undergoing restoration and maintenance. Completion is scheduled for September 2024. South Head heritage trail remains open. However, views and access around the Hornby Lighthouse will be temporarily impacted during these works.

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Applies from Wed 31 Jan 2024, 11.41pm to Thu 1 Aug 2024, 2.44am. Last reviewed: Fri 5 Jul 2024, 11.51am

Other planned events: 1080 pest management operation

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will be conducting a baiting program using manufactured baits, fresh baits and canid pest ejectors (CPEs) containing 1080 poison (sodium fluroacetate) for the control of foxes.

The program is continuous and ongoing between Thursday 1 February 2024 and Wednesday 31 July 2024 in the following areas of Sydney Harbour National Park:

  • Chowder Bay
  • Dobroyd Head
  • Bradleys  Head
  • Georges Head
  • Middle and North Head (North Head includes the adjoining land of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, Australian Institute of Police Management and Quarantine Station).

Please don’t touch baits or ejector devices. All baiting locations are identifiable by signs.

Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW national parks and reserves. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

Fox baiting in these reserves is aimed at reducing their impact on threatened species.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact:

Middle Head - 02 9960 6266 (business hours)

NPWS after-hours call centre: 1300 056 294 (after hours)

North Head Sanctuary, Manly (Harbour Trust Lands): 02 8969 2128 (business hours).

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Applies from Mon 9 Jul 2018, 11.06am. Last reviewed: Mon 11 Mar 2024, 10.10am

Closed areas: Fort Denison closed

Fort Denison is currently closed.

Conservation and upgrade works are currently underway. Key elements include the construction of a new accessible wharf and maintenance and upgrade to buildings and services. Fort Denison will be closed to visitors until these works have been completed.

Penalties apply for non-compliance.

Standard work hours during the construction phase will be between:

  • 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am and 1pm on Saturday

For more information, visit the project webpage or email us. Visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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Applies from Sat 17 Oct 2020, 10.59pm. Last reviewed: Mon 6 Nov 2023, 9.52am

Closed areas: North Head partial closure

Some parts of North Head in Sydney Harbour National Park are closed due to fire damage and geological instability. The closed areas include:

  • Bluefish Point
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant emergency access road

The following areas, and the bushland surrounding them, are also closed due to steep and unstable ground:

  • Old Man's Hat
  • Cannae Point
  • Quarantine Head

Do not enter the closed areas.

Open areas include:

  • Q Station
  • North Head Sanctuary and Bella Vista Cafe (entry via North Fort)
  • The track between Shelly Beach and Bluefish Drive
  • Bluefish Drive to the Avenue of Honour
  • Collins Flat Beach
  • Fairfax track
  • Burragula and Yiningma lookouts

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 or Sydney North area office on 02 9451 3479 between 9.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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Applies from Wed 13 Oct 2021, 4.28pm. Last reviewed: Fri 2 Feb 2024, 11.22am

Closed areas: Kurnell Visitor Centre closed for upgrades

Kurnell Visitor Centre is currently closed until further notice. The site is being prepared for a new visitor centre as part of the Kamay 2020 Project. 

Learn more about the improvements being made as part of the Kamay 2020 Master Plan Project or email the local area office.

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