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Sweeping view past a rock ledge to forest-clad valleys and steep cliff bands in the Blue Mountains. Photo credit: Jelle Marechal © Dingo Tours

Greater Blue Mountains 2-day wilderness safaris

Venture deep into Blue Mountains wilderness on this exciting 2-day safari with Dingo Tours. Travelling well beyond the crowds, you'll explore hidden canyons and dense forests and even see native wildlife, all in stunning World Heritage surrounds.

Fees apply. Free park entry.
Contact Dingo Tours for times and dates.
Southern Blue Mountains area in Blue Mountains National Park in Sydney and surrounds, Country NSW
Operated by
Dingo Tours logo. Photo © Dingo Tours
A wombat grazes on a grassy forest clearing in front of a smiling young woman. Photo credit: Dave Fraser © Perfect Day Sydney

Walking with wombats luxury excursions

Even if you're short on time, you can have it all on this tour with Perfect Day Sydney. This unforgettable day out includes a magical bushwalk, visits to waterfalls and other scenic sights, and the chance for wombat encounters during a relaxing twilight dinner.

Fees apply. Park entry fees apply.
Contact Perfect Day Sydney for tour schedule.
Morton National Park in South Coast, Country NSW
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Perfect Day Sydney logo. Photo © Perfect Day Sydney

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Evans lookout, Blue Mountains National Park. Photo: Kevin McGrath/NSW Government