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Govetts Leap lookout

Blackheath area in Blue Mountains National Park

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Applies from Mon 12 Apr 2021, 1.40pm to Mon 19 Apr 2021, 1.41pm. Last reviewed: Mon 12 Apr 2021, 1.53pm

Closed areas: Park closed due to flood damage - Six Foot Track NPWS section

Due to severe flood damage the NPWS section of the Six Foot walking track will remain closed to Jenolan Caves. Jenolan Caves is also closed while flood repair work is occuring.

The section between Alum Creek and Jenolan Caves is the section that will remain closed.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office on 02 6336 6200.

However for further information regarding the Six Foot track call Crown Lands 0436 650 493. 

Applies from Sun 22 Mar 2015, 2.11pm. Last reviewed: Fri 9 Apr 2021, 12.59pm

Closed areas: Waratah Native Gardens picnic area closed

Waratah Native Gardens picnic area is closed until further notice. This includes Gorge walking track. No access to the area is permitted. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Hawkesbury area office on 02 4588 2400 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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Applies from Fri 26 Mar 2021, 4.01pm to Fri 30 Apr 2021, 4.02pm. Last reviewed: Fri 9 Apr 2021, 12.45pm

Other planned events: Maintenance to Faulconbridge fire trail postponed

Maintenance work on Faulconbridge Ridge fire trail has been postponed due to recent wet weather.

The trail is open to walkers and cyclists, however visitors are advised to please take care due to possible rough or uneven trail surfaces.

The trail will be closed at a later date to complete works.

For more information contact the NPWS Hawkesbury-Nattai area office on 02 4720 6200.

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Applies from Wed 25 Dec 2019, 8.07pm. Last reviewed: Thu 8 Apr 2021, 3.34pm

Closed areas: Blue Mountains National Park - closed areas

All campgrounds and campsites listed on our website require a booking to be made before you visit. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Please check our COVID-19 update for more information.

The following areas of Blue Mountains National Park are closed due to bushfire or storm damage, road or track works:

Katoomba, Leura and Wentworth Falls

  • National Pass from Valley of Waters to Slacks Stairs, due to ongoing rockfall risk.
  • Golden Stairs, due to rockfall (track repair works in progress).  
  • Part of Amphitheatre track from the base of Bridal Veil falls to Fern Bower, due to ongoing rockfall risk.
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk between Leura Cascades and Tarpeian Rock track junction is closed Tuesdays to Fridays only, until Friday 28 May 2021, due to track maintenance. There is no pedestrian access between Katoomba and Leura within the national park. Walkers accessing Leura Cascades from the east must return by the same route.
  • Prince Henry Cliff Walk between Merriwa Street exit and Honeymoon lookout is closed due to a major landslide. (Note: Walkers can still access Fern Bower via Solitary Restaurant).
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk between Leura Cascades round walk and Leura Cascades picnic area, and between Gordon Falls lookout and Olympian lookout, due to landslides. Detours in place. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.
  • Bridal Veil View (east) track is closed for track maintenance.
  • Part of Charles Darwin walk north of Weeping Rock circuit. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information.
  • Murphys Glen campground and picnic area is closed to vehicles due to wet weather. Walkers and cyclists permitted.
  • Ingar Road is closed where it traverses private property.
  • Bedford (Murphys) Road is closed to vehicles due to wet weather/damage/private access. Walkers and cyclists permitted.
  • Ingar, Kedumba, Ruined Castle and Murphys campgrounds are closed due to site or access damage from floods/rain. 

Blackheath, Medlow Bath, Mount Victoria and Bells Line

  • Govetts Leap descent and Rodriguez Pass walking track, due to fire damage to infrastructure.
  • Perrys Lookdown campground, due to dangerous trees.
  • Walls Cave, Popes Glen and Pulpit Rock, due to fire and flood damage.
  • Access to Pierces Pass and Mt Banks is restricted to all vehicles due to Bells Line of Road closure. Check Live Traffic for current closure information. Pierces Pass Road is closed due to flood damage.
  • Green Gully, Dunphys campground and access closed due to road damage from flooding. Walkers permitted.
  • Acacia Flat Camping area is closed due to flood and storm damage.

Canyons and Rock climbing areas

  • Pulpit Rock climbing area and all other areas that require access along closed walking tracks or roads.
  • Wollangambe 1 Canyon closed due to a dangerous whirlpool. (All canyons except Wollangambe 1 are open. Visitors should exercise caution as recent flooding may have left debris or moved rocks).

If you arrive at your local national park or other public space and it is too crowded to practice social distancing, it's your responsibility to leave the area. 

To check which areas are closed, click the 'Show list' button on the Blue Mountains National Park page alert.

For further information call 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS).

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Applies from Fri 26 Mar 2021, 5.07pm to Mon 19 Apr 2021, 5.09pm. Last reviewed: Thu 8 Apr 2021, 9.13am

Closed parks: Park closed due to flood damage

Jenolan Caves Karst Conservation Reserve is closed until Monday 19 April 2021 due to flood damage.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office on 02 6336 6200.

Applies from Sun 28 Mar 2021, 8.17am. Last reviewed: Tue 13 Apr 2021, 11.03am

Safety alerts: Mount Solitary/Ruined Castle walking tracks affected by flood

Mount Solitary and Ruined Castle walking tracks are flood affected. Caution is advised when entering these areas. Hazards that may be present include fallen trees, washed-out drainage and creek lines, landslides, unstable surfaces and changes to track condition.

A high level of preparedness is required. Please exercise caution in remote areas.

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Applies from Fri 26 Mar 2021, 3.55pm. Last reviewed: Fri 26 Mar 2021, 4.12pm

Safety alerts: Kanangra to Katoomba (K2K) track is flood and landslide affected

The Kanangra to Katoomba (K2K) track is fire, flood and landslide affected. The trail is overgrown with significant understorey brush and grass growth. Vegetation covered loose rocks and burnt out stump holes may result in slips, trips and falls. Advanced navigation skills are required to undertake this trail. The trail could be impassable at river crossings or due to landslide. Due to recent high level flooding on the Cox River, large log jams and fallen timber will be encountered. The catchment is currently water saturated, any additional rainfall may result in flash flooding of Creeks and Rivers.

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Applies from Wed 27 Jan 2021, 10.48am to Fri 30 Apr 2021, 10.49am. Last reviewed: Wed 7 Apr 2021, 8.43am

Closed areas: Linden Ridge fire trail - Linden (north) closed

Linden Ridge fire trail will be closed until Friday 30 April 2021 while NPWS completes essential work to improve its fire trail network to provide safer access for firefighters.

Please note that it will be open over the long weekend, from Friday 2 April until Monday 5 April, inclusive.

Please note:

  • The dates of the temporary closure are subject to change. Check this alert regularly.
  • This area is closed to all activities during the specified dates.
  • Do not enter closed areas, as it is unsafe. Please adhere to all signage, barriers, and directions.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information contact the NPWS Hawkesbury-Nattai area office on 02 4588 2400.

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Applies from Sun 11 Apr 2021, 5.00pm to Wed 14 Apr 2021, 5.05pm. Last reviewed: Thu 25 Mar 2021, 11.20am

Closed parks: Park closed for aerial pest management operations

This park is closed from 9am, Sunday 11 April 2021 to 5pm, Wednesday 14 April 2021 for an aerial pest control operation:

  • This program will target pigs. It aims to reduce the significant impact they have on native plants and animals, including threatened species.
  • Other pest animals, including deer, goats, foxes and wild dogs will be targeted if observed during the operation.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS Mudgee area office on 02 6370 9000.

Applies from Wed 15 Jul 2020, 7.51am to Wed 30 Jun 2021, 7.52am. Last reviewed: Mon 25 Jan 2021, 11.46am

Other planned events: 1080 wild dog and fox control program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be conducting a strategic ground and aerial baiting program for the control of wild dogs and foxes.

The operations will involve the use of meat, manufactured products and Canid Pest Ejectors (CPE’s) containing Poison 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate). The program will be continuous and ongoing from Thursday 31 December 2020 to Wednesday 30 June 2021 in the following parks, reserves and state conservation areas:

  • Abercrombie National Park and State Conservation Area
  • Gardens of Stone National Park
  • Wollemi National Park
  • Blue Mountains National Park
  • Turon National Park
  • Marrangaroo National Park
  • Mares Forest National Park
  • Kanangra-Boyd National Park
  • Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve

These programs have been designed to meet NPWS priority conservation and state focused biosecurity issues. All baiting locations will be signposted.

Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW national parks and reserves. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

For further information, call the NPWS Kanangra area on 02 6336 6200.

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Applies from Wed 25 Mar 2020, 2.43pm. Last reviewed: Wed 2 Sep 2020, 5.08pm

Closed areas: Partial building closures

Outdoor areas within Hartley Historic Site and Hartley Historic Visitor Centre (including the shop and gallery) are open. The Talisman Gallery is open.

Some buildings ain Hartley Historic Site are currently closed. These include:

  • Hartley Courthouse
  • Old Post Office Cafe
  • St Bernards Church

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Applies from Wed 3 Jun 2020, 5.34pm. Last reviewed: Fri 10 Jul 2020, 2.43pm

Other planned events: Six Foot Track - camping registration

If you're planning to stay at a campground managed by Crown Lands (e.g. on Six Foot Track) from 1 June 2020, you now need to fill out the Crown reserves camping registration form.

To register fill in the online form and submit.

This link can be emailed or sent by text message. The form can be submitted on a smartphone or computer.

This is requiered to comply with the Public Health Order and COVID-19 Safety Plans.

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