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Roped adventures in NSW national parks

Enjoy the exhilaration of rock climbing, abseiling or canyoning surrounded by the natural beauty of NSW national parks. For the best and safest way to get your adrenaline pumping, join a guided tour for these thrilling roped adventures. Check out the range of action-packed tours to suit beginners, pros and groups.

A pair of wetsuit-clad climbers use ropes to abseil past a waterfall as they descend into a steep canyon. Photo credit: James Waddell  © Eagle Rock Adventures

Sydney and Surrounds

North Coast

Fortress Creek Canyon Photo: Blue Mountains Adventure Company.

Adventure sports safety

Canyons, caves and cliff faces are spectacular places to visit. Adventure sports like canyoning, climbing, caving and abseiling offer a thrilling opportunity to explore these unique environments. But these adventure sports involve inherent safety risks and are only permitted in some parks. We strongly recommend that you only head out under the guidance of a suitable group or club, or with one of our partner adventure sports tour operators. For safety tips on kayaking and canoeing activities check out the paddling and boating safety page.