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Paddling safety

Paddling a canoe or kayak along a river or around a lake is an invigorating way to explore a park and a great way to exercise and stay fit. To make your time out on the water safer and more enjoyable, please follow these safety tips:

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  • Make sure your safety equipment is in good working condition and easily accessible
  • Tell a friend or family member where you're going, your point of departure and when you plan to return.
  • If you capsize, stay with your vessel – a vessel is much easier to spot in the water than a person.
  • Wear suitable clothing for the conditions and make sure you are highly visible to other boaters
  • Take a mobile phone and/or Personal Location Beacon (PLB) with you and attach reflective tape to your vessel and paddles to increase visibility.
  • To avoid losing your paddle(s) attach it/them to your vessel with shock cord(s).
  • Where possible, always travel in a group to maximise your safety.
  • Beware of trees and snags, like submerged logs or tree roots.

For more information visit the Roads and Maritime Services website

The view along the river. Photo: Shaun Sursok