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Water safety

NSW national parks offer lots of opportunities for fun by the water: sandy beaches, majestic rivers, peaceful lakes and secluded lagoons. We want you to enjoy your day out safely and help your family and friends to stay safe.

For more information on staying safe in and around water, please visit the Water Safety NSW website.

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Beach safety

The NSW coast has many beautiful beaches. These beach safety tips will help you stay safe in the water and on the sand.

River and lake safety

Many of our campgrounds are located near rivers, lakes or lagoons, which can be unpredictable. Read these river and lake safety

Paddling and boating safety

A day out on the water in a boat, paddle board, canoe or kayak can be a great way to explore our many rivers, lakes and waterways. Read these paddling and boating safety tips.

Fishing safety

We all like to catch a big fish or at least tell the story of 'the one that got away'. If you’re planning a day out fishing, please consider these fishing safety tips.

Waterfall safety

Waterfalls can offer amazing photo opportunities as well as being adventurous places to cool off from the heat. But it's important to stay safe around waterfalls.