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Outback NSW school excursions

Reimagine learning experiences for your students with a structured excursion in one of 9 spectacular national parks. An expert NSW National Parks guide can help you plan hands-on, syllabus-aligned lessons in these vibrant, expansive spaces.

Drawing on extensive knowledge of Country, Aboriginal rangers navigate ancient lake beds and archaeological sites to interpret the land. Other highlights include pastoral heritage remnants at the homestead ruins in Kinchega National Park and tours of Kinchega Woolshed.

Historic Kinchega Woolshed, Kinchega National Park. Photo: John Spencer © DPIE

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Bush food, Mungo National Park. Photo: John Spencer

Games and fun activities at Kinchega

This is a program of fun games and activities we can play together in Kinchega National Park or Discovery rangers can visit your school. Designed for Stage 2 (Years 3-4) students with a focus on History, Geography and science, choose from some of these games: the Aboriginal site game, tracks and traces, Barkindji bush foods or the threatened species game.

Stage 2 (Years 3-4)
Learning area
Kinchega Woolshed, Kinchega National Park