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Saving our Species conservation program

Saving our Species is a innovative conservation program in NSW. It aims to halt and reverse the growing numbers of Australian animals and plants facing extinction. This program aims to secure as many threatened species that can be secured in the wild as possible, for the next 100 years. 

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One of NSW National Parks’ most innovative programs, Saving our Species sets a clear management framework to prioritise between species.

As part of the conservation program, a threatened species is assigned to 1 of 6 management streams depending on its distribution, ecology, security, and what we know about it. The 6 management streams are: site-managed species, iconic species, data-deficient species, landscape-managed species, partnership species and keep watch species. Priorities for action are species in the site-managed, iconic, data-deficient and landscape-managed species.

Sustainability projects such as this are collaborative efforts, so the program invites participation from the NSW community and businesses, including research organisations, schools, landholders, government agencies, local conservation groups and more.

Parks related to this program

Banskia flowers. Photo: Rob Cleary