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Wollumbin National Park

Closed due to current alerts 


Wollumbin National Park, formerly known as Mount Warning National Park, is closed due to significant safety issues on the Wollumbin Summit track. An update will be provided in July 2021.

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Wollumbin National Park is a great place for a picnic or a day walk through World Heritage-listed rainforest. Wollumbin, which dramatically rises from World Heritage-listed Wollumbin National Park to a height of 1,157m above sea level, is a remnant central vent of an ancient volcano. Formerly known as Mount Warning, this spectacular peak can be viewed from a range of vantage points in the surrounding massive crater (caldera), including Cudgen Nature Reserve, Border Ranges National Park and Nightcap National Park, Cape Byron Lighthouse and various settlements.

You can also try Goorgana walking track or Pholis Gap walking track in nearby Nightcap National Park, or Best of All lookout at Queensland’s Springbrook National Park.

Highlights in this park

  • Rainforest vegetation at the start of Wollumbin (Mount Warning) summit track. Photo: Barry Collier © Barry Collier

    Wollumbin (Mount Warning) summit track

    Wollumbin (Mount Warning) summit track is closed due to significant safety issues. An update will be provided in July 2021.

  • A timber bridge crosses Breakfast Creek along Lyrebird track, Wollumbin National Park. Photo: D Hofmeyer.

    Lyrebird track

    Wollumbin National Park, including Lyrebird track, is closed due to significant safety issues. An update will be provided in July 2021.


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Two men cross a creek bridge on a rainforest walk in Border Ranges National Park. Photo: Branden Bodman/OEH

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  • in the North Coast region
  • Wollumbin National Park is closed due to significant safety issues. The closure will be reviewed in May 2021.

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