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Bendick Murrell National Park

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Applies from Mon 1 Jul 2024, 9.21am to Mon 12 Aug 2024, 9.22am. Last reviewed: Tue 9 Jul 2024, 8.17am

Other planned events: Notice of use of Hoggone meSN Feral Pig Bait from 8 July 2024 - South West Woodlands Nature Reserve - Coradgery Precinct

Due to a large number of feral pigs causing impacts the Reserve, and to meet NPWS's General Biosecurity Duty, (GBD), under the Biosecurity Act, NPWS will be using Hoggone to control feral pigs.

NPWS pesticides trained staff will be using a new control product to lessen the impacts caused by feral pigs in South West Woodlands Nature Reserve - Coradgery Precinct.

HOGGONE will be used on this Reserve, and the product is a peanut based product with Sodium nitrite as the poison.

This product is very effective on controlling feral pigs and when used carefully has few off-target impacts.

NPWS staff will be monitoring the success of the program and have allowed a 4 week window to undertake the program. 

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