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Wingham Brush Nature Reserve

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Wingham Brush Nature Reserve near Taree on the Mid-North Coast, makes a great family day trip or school excursion. See grey-headed flying-foxes, enjoy birdwatching and easy walking in the rainforest.

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Located beside Manning River, just near Taree on the Mid North Coast, you’ll find an oasis of subtropical lowland rainforest at Wingham Brush Nature Reserve. It provides a fantastic day trip and excursion for the whole family.

Also known as ‘The Brush’, this reserve preserves one of only a few remnants of this rare rainforest type in Australia, and is a significant roosting and maternity site for the vulnerable grey-headed flying-fox. Stand under the canopy and you’ll see hundreds of flying-foxes hanging above you.

Wander along the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk and follow easy walking tracks to discover the vibrant life under the canopy. There are great opportunities for photography and birdwatching, and lovely places to picnic by the river nearby.  Don’t miss the spectacular show at sunset, when all those flying foxes glide overhead in search of food.

Highlights in this park

  • Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, grey headed flying fox. Photo: NSW Government

    Junior ranger: Wingham Brush wildlife walk

    Walk alongside a NPWS Discovery Ranger and explore a vibrant life under the canopy of subtropical rainforest at Wingham Brush Nature Reserve.

  • A grey-headed flying fox hanging from a tree branch. Photo: Jaime Plaza © Botanic Gardens Trust

    Wingham Brush twilight tour

    Experience the magic of Wingham Brush Nature Reserve at twilight. Soak in breathtaking scenery as we meander along the boardwalk while the sun sets ov...

  • Wingham Brush Nature Reserve. Photo: NSW Government

    Wingham Brush boardwalk

    Wingham Brush boardwalk connects several walking tracks for a wheelchair friendly experience in the rainforest. Enjoy birdwatching and see a grey-head...

Precious pollinators

The grey-headed flying-fox is an unsung hero when it comes to pollinating plants, spreading seeds, and ensuring the survival of our native forests. It's also a threatened species in NSW.

A grey-headed flying fox in full flight. Photo: Shane Ruming/OEH
A grey-headed flying fox in full flight. Photo: Shane Ruming/OEH


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