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Split Rock walking track

Mutawintji Historic Site

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Explore the rugged outback landscape of Mutawintji National Park along Split Rock walking track. This wild walk near Broken Hill is significant to Aboriginal women's cultural practices.

6km return
Time suggested
3 - 4hrs
Grade 5
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Please note
  • Aboriginal Owners advise that only women should be within 100m of Split Rock.
  • Grey kangaroos live in this area of the park, it’s a good idea to appreciate these powerful animals from a distance.
  • A topographic map, compass or GPS will be handy in this remote area.

Split Rock walking track is an adventurous but peaceful walk to add to your outback discovery itinerary. It’s starts at the end of Old Coach Road drive, a historic coach run that passes the ruins of the Rockholes Hotel.

Most of the area is part of the remains of a 400-million-year-old sea that’s been eroded to form jagged ranges. Mulga grass, mulga wattle and river red gum add some green to this iconic red dirt scenery. While the desert environment can seem harsh, it's home to kangaroos, wallabies, emus and lizards.

You'll pass Eagle Rock and Boomerang Rock with views of Peregrine Pass in the distance. The track ends at Split Rock, a meeting point for Aboriginal women. While anyone is welcome to walk the track, please respect the cultural protocols advised by Aboriginal owners which only allow women to walk within 100m of Split Rock. The traditional home of the Pantjikali, Wanyuparlku, Wilyakali and Malyangapa people, many locations in Mutawintji National Park are significant meeting places and have been for thousands of years.

The track is in a wilderness area with limited directional signage. It’s a good idea to stop at the self-service Mutawintji Visitor Centre to get an informational brochure. If you plan to trek beyond Split Rock, please complete a trip intention form to stay safe.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info

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Bushwalkers in Wollemi National Park. Photo: Daniel Tran/DPIE

Conservation program:

Mutawintji National Park joint management program

Located in semi-arid lands near Broken Hill, Mutawintji National Park, Mutawintji Historic Site and Mutawintji Nature Reserve are all rich in Aboriginal history and culture. NSW National Parks and the Mutawintji Board of Management are working together to ensure their preservation.

Aboriginal Joint Management, Mutawintji National Park. Photo: John Spencer

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