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Newnes Industrial Ruins walk

Wollemi National Park


Take a walk through historic Newnes Industrial Ruins in Wollemi National Park, near Lithgow. You won’t forget the eerie experience of walking among ruins that are gradually being reclaimed by nature.

Wollemi National Park
No wheelchair access
Time suggested
1hr 30min - 2hrs 30min
Grade 3
What to
Drinking water, sunscreen, hat
Please note
  • The Ruins carpark is only accessible by 4WD or rock hopping on foot across the Wolgan River. Please don’t try crossing the river in a 2WD.
  • If crossing the river on foot, you'll need to add an extra 1km (approx. 20-30mins) each way to the Ruins carpark.
  • Please don’t climb the fragile ruins as they can be unstable
  • Remember to stay on the track as there are hidden holes off the track

Located at the head of the Wolgan Valley, enjoy this fascinating walk into the history of Newnes – once the site of a thriving shale oil mining industry. You’ll see some remarkably well-preserved remnants of the area’s mining history, including old coke ovens, brick kilns, paraffin sheds and crumbling walls.

Starting at the Ruins carpark, the walking track zig zags across the large site, which is on a steep slope. The 15m ‘Big Wall’ is a highlight, and the unique beehive kilns are the largest of their type in Australia. Keep an eye out for wedge-tailed eagles soaring above.

Follow the route of the railway line back to the carpark. If walking from the river crossing, you'll need to add an extra 1km each way. Why not stay the night under the stars at Newnes campground with the local wombats and wallabies.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info


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Google Trekker at Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Photo: J Spencer/OEH.

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Mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus). Photo: Cate Aitken

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Chimney, Newnes Industrial Ruins, Wollemi National Park. Photo: Steve Alton