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Carrow Brook walking track

Mount Royal National Park

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Nearby walking tracks

  • Burraga Swamp track, Barrington Tops National Park. Photo © Sean Thompson

    Burraga Swamp walking track

    Burraga Swamp walking track is an adventurous walk offering rainforest and remote wilderness with spectacular scenic views in Barrington Tops National Park, near Chichester State Forest.

  • Pieries Peak walking track, Mount Royal National Park. Photo: Susan Davis © OEH

    Pieries Peak walking track

    Pieries Peak walking track allows visitors to hike from Youngville campground to a scenic lookout across the Hunter Valley and Lake Saint Clair.


Nearby camping and accommodation

  • Youngville campground, Mount Royal National Park. Photo: Susan Davis/DPIE

    Youngville campground

    Camp at Youngville campground to access the World Heritage rainforests of Mount Royal National Park over a few days. Follow walking tracks from here.

Nearby parks

  • A couple look up at tall rainforest trees in Barrington Tops. Photo: Robert Mulally/OEH

    Barrington Tops National Park

    Immerse yourself in the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Barrington Tops National Park. Easy walks, overnight hikes, great picnic, fishing and camping spots await.

  • Pieries Peak walking track, Mount Royal National Park. Photo: Susan Davis/OEH

    Mount Royal National Park

    Camp, hike and picnic in World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest at Mount Royal National Park, close to Barrington Tops National Park.

Carrow Brook walking track

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