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Palms picnic area

Munmorah State Conservation Area

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Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

Nearby alerts

Applies from Fri 12 Apr 2024, 4.26pm. Last reviewed: Fri 12 Apr 2024, 4.31pm

Safety alerts: Frazer Beach access stairs (near campground) closed due to extensive erosion

Frazer Beach access stairs are temporarily closed due to extensive erosion. Works will be scheduled to stabilise and fix these stairs as soon as possible. Until then the stairs will remain closed. NPWS apologises for this inconvenience. 

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Applies from Thu 6 Oct 2022, 1.29pm. Last reviewed: Wed 20 Mar 2024, 1.55pm

Closed areas: Moonee Beach access trail closure

The south Moonee beach access trail located at the northern end of the Moonee Beach fire trail will be closed indefinitely due to cultural heritage sensitivity.

Alternate access to the beach is provided via Moonee Beach Trail, or, Hooey Street Catherine Hill Bay.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office on 02 4972 9000.

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Applies from Mon 18 Mar 2024, 3.35pm to Tue 30 Apr 2024, 3.36pm. Last reviewed: Mon 18 Mar 2024, 4.42pm

Other planned events: Demolition of Elizabeth Bay amentities block

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be demolishing the amenities block within the Elizabeth Bay picnic area. NPWS has determined that the Elizabeth Bay amenities block is dilapidated, unhygienic and does not meet NSW Health and Safety regulation standards or the Australian Building Code for a public toilet facility. The amenities have reached a point that it is no longer financially viable to continue to maintain and repair them. The amenities have been closed for approximately the last 3 years.

Works are estimated to begin early to mid April and will involve the establishment of a works compound, the safe demolition of the amenities block, concrete path and garden bed. Work will also include the disconnection of the water main and removal of the water meter.

To gain access to undertake the works the old telegraph poles and supports around the carpark area will be removed and then replaced with sandstone blocks to accommodate cars and trailers to the entire extent of the area. The area will be tidied up and a new surface laid to the carpark.

Access to the boat ramp and carpark will be temporarily closed for the duration of the works. Works are expected to take 4 – 6 work days. (weather permitting). NPWS contractors will undertake works Monday to Friday only during the hours of 7am to 5pm to keep impacts to local residents to a minimum.


If you would like any further information, please contact Stacy Wilson, Ranger Central Coast Area on 4972 9029. Alternatively, you can email

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Applies from Wed 14 Feb 2024, 10.31am to Sun 30 Jun 2024, 10.32am. Last reviewed: Fri 12 Apr 2024, 8.19am

Closed areas: Wallarah National Park - Fire Trail Maintenance

The Wallarah Powerline Trail, Cabbage Tree Trail and Appletree Trail will be closed within Wallarah National Park for essential fire trail maintenance from mid-Februrary to June 2024. Access to these trails is not permitted during operations. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Central Coast Area Office on (02) 4972 9000.

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Applies from Fri 1 Mar 2024, 8.00am to Sat 1 Jun 2024, 6.00am. Last reviewed: Fri 29 Mar 2024, 8.20am

Safety alerts: Wyrrabalong National Park part closure for pest control shoot operation

Parts of Wyrrabalong National Park will be closed between 1700 (5pm) Friday 1 March 2024 to 0500 (5am) 30 June 2024 for fox control ground shoot operations. These operations aim to protect threatened species, such as the Little Tern or New Holland Mouse. 

When active, the shoot operation area will be delineated by signage advising visitors "do not enter" during the night-time operation.

Penalties apply for non-compliance.

For more information, please contact the Central Coast Area office on (02) 4972 9000 or email

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Applies from Wed 14 Feb 2024, 10.39am to Wed 31 Jul 2024, 10.40am. Last reviewed: Mon 18 Mar 2024, 7.33am

Closed areas: Pinny Beach footbridge closed

The Pinny Beach footbridge will be closed until further notice for essential repairs. The coastal walking track will remain open with access south and north of the bridge by detouring around Pinny Lagoon. Take care when traversing Pinny Lagoon during periods of high tidal activity. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS Central Coast Office on (02) 4972 9000.

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Applies from Wed 7 Dec 2022, 5.39pm to Mon 27 Jan 2025, 5.40pm. Last reviewed: Thu 14 Mar 2024, 9.20am

Closed areas: Area closed - Pink Caves

Pink Caves are closed to visitors because they are extremely unsafe to visit.

The caves are filled with water at high tide. Even at low tide they can be dangerous, as ocean swell sends unpredictable waves sweeping into the caves and across the rock shelf. Sudden rogue waves can cause serious injury and may drag visitors across the rocks or out to sea.

There’s no lifeguard service in this area and access for emergency services is limited. There’s no approved walking track to this location. Access to the caves involves walking over a rock shelf which is slippery, uneven and dangerous.

Visitors should take care when traversing all rock shelves and coastal areas located within Munmorah State Conservation Area.

For further information call the NPWS Lake Munmorah office on 02 4972 9000.

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Applies from Mon 21 Aug 2023, 9.43am to Fri 21 Aug 2026, 10.00am. Last reviewed: Wed 28 Feb 2024, 3.50pm

Other planned events: Construction Works Adjacent to Wyrrabalong National Park

Construction of the Magenta Shared Walkway on behalf of Central Coast Council is being undertaken adjacent to Wilfred Barret Drive, Magenta. These works are not within Wyrrabalong National Park and no clearing of Park Estate is planned to occur as part of these works. National Parks and Wildlife would encourage park visitors to follow any safety signage installed as part of these works. Further information regarding this project can be found at here at Magenta Shared Path Construction (continuation) | Central Coast Council (

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Applies from Fri 4 Jan 2019, 1.28pm to Tue 31 Dec 2024, 1.38pm. Last reviewed: Tue 12 Mar 2024, 8.46am

Closed areas: Morisset Picnic Area Closed

The Morisset section of Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area is closed from Thursday 20 December 2019. There is now no public access to the following areas:

  • The  Morisset Hospital site
  • Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area foreshore
  • Morisset picnic area.

Alternative picnic areas are located in the Lake Macquarie Council area in and around the Morisset and Bonnells Bay foreshores. There is no public access to view the kangaroos that frequent the hospital site. Members of the public can contact the hospital administrative office on 02 4973 0222. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

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Applies from Wed 3 Aug 2022, 12.57pm. Last reviewed: Tue 5 Mar 2024, 8.41am

Safety alerts: Rock fishing safety

Rock fishing is a popular activity for many national park visitors and your safety whilst fishing is important. Parts of the NSW Central Coast are a declared high risk area due to large swells and hazardous surf conditions. In these high risk areas under the NSW Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016, you are required by law to wear an appropriate life jacket. This includes children and anyone helping you fish. This is regulated by NSW Fisheries and poses an on the spot $100 fine if non-compliant.

Before rock fishing you should always:

Stay safe, always watch the local conditions, never turn your back on the ocean and never fish alone.

If you’re in doubt don’t go out.

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  • in Munmorah State Conservation Area in the Sydney and surrounds and North Coast regions
  • Spring/summer open hours

    Munmorah State Conservation Area is open 5.30am–9pm, from the start of the NSW school holiday period in September (Friday) until 1 May.

    Autumn/winter open hours

    Munmorah State Conservation Area is open 5.30am–7pm, from 1 May until the day before the start of the NSW September school holidays (Friday).

  • Park entry fees:

    $8 per vehicle per day. The park has pay machines that accept both card and coins, or you can pay via the Park’nPay app.

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