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Broadwater inland lookout

Broadwater National Park

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Current alerts in this area

There are no current alerts in this area.

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Applies from Thu 23 Mar 2023, 2.31pm to Sat 1 Jul 2023, 2.32pm. Last reviewed: Thu 1 Jun 2023, 11.22am

Other planned events: Black Rocks campground closed

Black Rocks campground will be closed from Monday 8 May 2023 until further notice for construction works. The gate will be closed at Gap Road. This closure period will be reviewed on Monday 26 June 2023. 

Affected areas include:

  • Black Rocks campground
  • Esk River paddle route
  • Jerusalem Creek paddle route
  • Jerusalem Creek walk

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  For more information, contact the NPWS Alstonville area office on (02) 6627 0200.

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Applies from Mon 1 May 2023, 8.00am to Wed 1 Nov 2023, 6.00pm. Last reviewed: Mon 29 May 2023, 9.59am

Other planned events: Notice of ongoing 1080 baiting program

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is conducting an ongoing ground baiting program in Bundjalung National Park from Monday 1st May 2023  to Wednesday 1st November 2023.

The operation will use 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poison for the control of foxes, and is designed to minimise predator impacts on wildlife, especially threatened species.

Signs will be placed at the entry to the baiting location. Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW National Parks managed lands. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.

For more information, contact the NPWS Clarence Area Office on 02 6641 1500.


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Applies from Fri 16 Dec 2022, 9.00am to Sat 30 Dec 2023, 9.00am. Last reviewed: Thu 25 May 2023, 5.01pm

Other planned events: Notice of noise from RAAF training operations

Bundjalung National Park visitors may experience loud aircraft noise until further notice. RAAF training operations from the nearby Evans Head Air Weapons Range may be heard and seem from the Black Rocks campground and Jerusalem Creek paddle route and walking track.

Please note:

  • The RAAF schedule of planned air operations is available on the Defence Aircraft Noise webpage
  • RAAF schedules for the Air Weapons Range in Bundjalung National Park can change at short notice due to weather or other operational considerations.
  • Aircraft may not utilise the range every day of scheduled operations.

For more information, call the NPWS Alstonville area office on 02 6627 0200 or visit the Defence Aircraft Noise webpage.

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Applies from Fri 21 Oct 2022, 9.38am to Fri 30 Jun 2023, 9.39am. Last reviewed: Sat 3 Jun 2023, 9.09am

Closed parks: Multiple parks closed due to hazardous conditions

The closure of this park has been extended until Friday 30th June 2023, due to hazardous conditions and damage from flooding and storm events.

No public access is permitted. These closures may be extended, pending completion of repair works and additional weather impacts.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS Richmond River Area on 02 6632 0000.

Affects 8 parks nearby. Show list

Applies from Wed 20 Jul 2022, 2.49pm to Mon 31 Jul 2023, 3.03pm. Last reviewed: Sun 7 May 2023, 12.36pm

Closed areas: Closed walking tracks

Wilson Nature Reserve North and South walking tracks are closed indefinitely due to widespread damage from recent weather events.

Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local park office on 02 6627 0200.

Affects 1 park nearby. Show list

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