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Learning resources for teachers and students

Connect your school to the great outdoors with NSW National Parks education tools. Our teaching resources enrich students’ knowledge of nature and help them engage with the environment from the comfort of the classroom.

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The educational resources provided by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are designed to develop students’ understanding of nature and culture. 

Our resources are aligned with the NSW curriculum and use digital technology, printable worksheets, and contemporary approaches to nature education to help teachers deliver content that gets students inspired by the living world.

WilderQuest in the Classroom resources for primary schools

For teachers

WilderQuest in the Classroom is a teaching tool which features a series of 10 week units linked to the NSW and Australian primary school curriculum. Covering science, geography, and digital technology, students can explore natural environments and develop new skills. Visit the WilderQuest in the Classroom digital resource to register as a teacher and create a login for your class.

For students

WilderQuest is a new and innovative way to learn about nature using digital technology. Available on your desktop or as an iPad app, it features fun online activities across 6 unique Australian landscapes, to develop students’ knowledge of their environment nearby and in national parks.

Education kits

The mountain pygmy-possum: On the edge

The mountain pygmy-possum: On the edge’ is a teacher resource that gives senior geography students a first-hand look at the methods used by conservation agencies to monitor threatened species. Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) students will identify where endangered mountain pygmy-possums might live in Kosciuszko National Park. 

What is a national park?

What is a national park?’ is an education resource that supports the study of national parks for Stage 2 primary school students (Years 3-4). It provides information about the natural world and why national parks are important now, and for our future. 

Rainforests of NSW

Rainforests of NSW’ is a collection of teaching resources suitable for primary and secondary school students that highlights the value of rainforests in NSW. This resource teaches students about rainforest types, food chains, and plants and animals found in a few of the World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforests of Australia.

Rookery Roundabout

Rookery Roundabout’ is a teaching resource for primary school students and can be adapted for secondary students. It illustrates the natural and cultural significance of Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve, focusing on its ecosystem, lifecycles, and its significance for the Gumbaynggirr People and their culture.

Cliff coastline. Photo:Andy Richards