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Landscapes and landforms

Stage 4 (Years 7-8), Geography

This Stage 4 teacher resource is aligned to learning outcomes in the NSW Geography, Science and English syllabuses. The cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture are also addressed.

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This comprehensive resource has been developed in collaboration with Greening Australia, which may be able to assist with a tree-planting day in schools in the Greater Sydney area. Other schools outside of Greater Sydney could supply their own trees or partner with another local organisation or council.

An action-based research project is included in this resource, incorporating field activities with step-by-step instructions and downloadable worksheets.

Land management of Australia’s National Reserve System is explained in detail. Students will gain an understanding of the various protections afforded these reserves, by all levels of government.

Aboriginal culture and connection to Country is also integrated throughout this resource.

Students will explore landscapes and landforms from around the world and learn:

  • How they are formed
  • Why they need protection
  • How they are managed
Stage Stage 4 (Years 7-8)
Learning area Geography
Student outcomes

GE4-1. Locates and describes the diverse features and characteristics of a range of places and environments

GE4-2. Describes processes and influences that form and transform places and environments

GE4-4. Examines perspectives of people and organisations on a range of geographical issues

GE4-5. Discusses management of places and environments for their sustainability

GE4-7. Acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for inquiry

GE4-8. Communicates geographical information using a variety of strategies


The Landscapes and landforms Google site includes:

  • Seven topics of teaching content and activities
  • An action-based research project including fieldwork instructions and worksheets
  • A case study of one landscape – The Cumberland Plain
  • Activity instructions and answer sheets for teachers
  • Downloadable student activity worksheets
  • Slide presentations
  • Videos